George Inness Biography

“Never put anything on your canvas that isn't of use, never use a detail unless it means something.” –George Inness

George Inness is regarded as America's greatest landscape painter. Initially influenced by the Hudson River School of artists, during the 1840s he traveled to France on numerous occasions admiring the French Barbizon school and their naturalistic style of depicting landscapes. Inness’ meticulous attention to detail, combined with the realistic vision he obtained from the Hudson River and Barbizon artists, gave way to a style solely attributed to his paintings.

According to his son, Inness used a barn as his studio, where he painted feverishly. When outdoors, he rationally contemplated his next work of art, rarely painting directly from nature. His mesmerizing compositions, such as this magnificent landscape, were created from a thorough knowledge and understanding of his subject matter...nature. His genuine love of the natural world was reflected throughout his life and work, even in the very last moments before his death. According to his son, Inness was viewing a sunset when he suddenly threw up his arms and exclaimed “My God! Oh, how beautiful!”He then fell to the ground and died within minutes.

Works by this highly respected and admired 19th-century American painter can be found in museum collections around the world.
Georges Inness

Georges Inness