Artists and Makers

van Gogh, Vincent

The art is long. Life is short. -HippocratesSwirling stars within an azure night sky; thick, textured yellow petals on a drooping sunflower; towering cypresses like dark green obelisks - the works of Vincent van Gogh are among the most recognizable and iconic in the whole of art history.… Read More »

Cartier: King of Jewelers, Jeweler to Kings

Cartier, “King of Jewelers, Jeweler to Kings,” was founded in 1847 by Parisian jeweler Louis-François Cartier. Appealing to royalty from the first, Cartier found its first royal patron in Princess Mathilde, niece to Napoleon I and cousin to Emperor Napoleon III, in 1856. Ever since,… Read More »

Willem de Kooning: Abstract Expressionist

At the crossroads of figuration and abstraction stands the oeuvre of Willem de Kooning. Renowned as a founding member of Abstract Expressionism, his distinctive style is unique for his commitment to the figurative. His canvases reflect the unpredictable experience of life, filtered through… Read More »
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's Oleander

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

“There is no need to be afraid of using the language of exaggeration in speaking of an artist of the very first rank because he happens to be a contemporary…the plain truth is that in his management of light and shade, in his minute exactness of imitation, and in his… Read More »
Elephant Clock by Asprey & Company

Asprey & Company

One of the finest purveyors of English luxury goods ever (and once owned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah, brother of the Sultan of Brunei), Asprey & Company was founded in 1781 and holds royal patents from the Prince of Wales. Its first royal warrant was given in 1862 by Queen Victoria, and since… Read More »
Royal Vienna Tall Case Clock by Gustav Becker

Becker, Gustav Biography

Gustav Becker trained in both Austria and Germany, opening his first workshop in 1850 in Frieberg, Germany. Shortly thereafter, in 1852, he received his first gold medal from the Silesia Trade Expo for design, and many awards and medals soon followed. His decorative clocks were originally… Read More »
John Belchier is counted among the major furniture makers of the early 18th century

John Belchier Biography

John Belchier is counted among the major furniture makers of the early 18th century. He is credited with the creation of some of the finest decor of the Queen Anne period. His works are renowned for their lush veneers of burr walnut and brilliant gilt accents, but without question, his… Read More »
John Henry Belter

John Henry Belter

1804-1863 • American — Recognized as both a pioneer in the design of luxury furnishings and as a craftsman in the exquisite execution of quality and construction, Belter is widely considered to be the finest furniture maker of the Rococo Revival period. His wood of choice was… Read More »
Jean Béraud • 1849-1935 • French

Jean Béraud Biography

Jean Béraud was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and his family moved to Paris soon after the death of his father. It was not until the breakout of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870 that Béraud switched his career path from law to fine art. The artist’s first public… Read More »
Winter in Yosemite by Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt 1830-1902 • American A member of the Hudson River School, Bierstadt's use of light, often referred to as “luminism,” is his trademark. Known primarily for his depictions of the American West, Bierstadt was the leading painter of the ever-expanding… Read More »
Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur (Marie-Rosalie Bonheur) was born into a family of artists in the city of Bordeaux. Her skill was evident from an early age, and she received formal training from her father, Raimond Bonheur, a landscape and portrait painter. At the age of six, her family moved to Paris where… Read More »
La Havre, Le Bassin de la Barre by Eugene Louis Boudin

Eugene Louis Boudin

Eugène Louis Boudin French - 1824-1898 "You are the master of the sky." -Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot Master French Impressionist Eugène Louis Boudin is considered by connoisseurs and collectors to be among the most significant figures of Impressionist painting.… Read More »
Robert-Aglae Cauchoix

Robert-Aglae Cauchoix

Optician Robert-Aglae Cauchoix (1776-1845) created three of the largest telescopes of his time, including an instrument with an aperture of 13.3 inches and 25-foot focal length, completed in March 1831, the largest objective lens made at that time. The owner of the largest telescope,… Read More »
Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall 1887-1985 o French Throughout his career, Marc Chagall infused his works with powerful imagery, reflecting his devotion to faith, family and love. His paintings encompass all of the major modern art movements, making him among the most celebrated artists of the 20th century.… Read More »
Ivan Fedorovic Choultse

Ivan Fedorovic Choultsé Biography

A virtuoso of light, Ivan Fedorovic Choultsé achieved enormous fame and recognition for his ability to capture the play of light with near-photographic clarity on a wide range of landscapes. He possessed an intuitive sense of color to produce vibrancy, and his striking compositions are… Read More »
Alfred Emmanuel Louis Beurdeley

Alfred Emmanuel Louis Beurdeley

1847-1919 • French — Alfred Emmanuel Louis Beurdeley was a Parisian cabinetmaker who specialized in the manufacture of luxurious French furnishings. Much admired for his 19th-century interpretations of Louis XV designs, his extraordinary works earned him a Gold Medal at the… Read More »
Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

1833-1898 • British — Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones is among the greatest and most respected of the Pre-Raphaelite artists, renowned for his enigmatic, dreamlike style of.Born in Birmingham, Burne-Jones' mother died within a week of giving birth. The tragic circumstance left his… Read More »
Thomas Chippendale

Thomas Chippendale

1718-1778 • British — The talent and genius of Thomas Chippendale's designs dominated the furniture styles of the 18th century. He was the first person to boast such a strong following that an entire style bears his name and not that of a monarch. The son of a Yorkshire… Read More »
Femme Espagnole au Balcon by Georges-Jules-Victor Clairin

Georges-Jules-Victor Clairin

Born in 1843, Clairin entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1861, where he studied with François Picot and Isidore Pils. He sent the first of many contributions to the Salon in 1866. By 1868, he had joined his good friend, the painter Henri Regnault, in a visit to Spain, where he… Read More »
Pair of Paintings by Gerald Cooper, 'Summer's Reward'

Gerald Cooper

Still life paintings by Gerald Cooper rival even those of the old Dutch masters. Born in London, Cooper led a long, successful career painting landscapes and figure subjects, and still life paintings, which have earned him much acclaim and notoriety. After serving in the First World War,… Read More »
Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

1796-1875 • French — Regarded by many as the first Impressionist, his paintings bear anticipations of the plein air technique and "truth to nature" that the revolutionary movement sought to express. His work served as the inspiration for an entire generation of… Read More »
The Sole Survivor by Terence Tenison Cuneo

Terence Tenison Cuneo

Terence Tenison Cuneo hailed from a family of artists and gained his formal art education at the Slade School of Art. Upon graduation, he earned jobs illustrating for books, magazines and other periodicals. With the onset of World War II, Cuneo got a position with the War Artist Advisory… Read More »
Henry Dasson Egyptian Granite and Bronze Urns

Henry Dasson

Henry Dasson made his mark as a leading Parisian cabinetmaker early in his career, garnering favor with the most important figures in the French aristocracy. The wife of Emperor Napoleon III, Empress Eugénie, whose own tastes were largely responsible for the resurgence of the Louis… Read More »
Charles-Guillaume Diehl

Charles-Guillaume Diehl

1811-1885 • German — Considered among the most important cabinetmakers of the 19th-century, Charles-Guillaume Diehl, a native of Steinbach, Germany, traveled to Paris in 1840 and established a large atelier, where he employed no less than 600 craftsmen by 1870. Diehl… Read More »
Julien Dupré 1851-1910

Julien Dupré Biography

French naturalist painter Julien Dupré devoted his artistic career to the depiction of French peasant women. He often rendered his subjects engaged in vigorous action, toiling against the backdrop of a breathtaking landscape. Dupré's truth to nature is constant throughout his… Read More »
Gentlemen Gil Elvgren

Gil Elvgren

Gil Elvgren is considered to be the greatest American pin-up and glamour artist. The majority of his work was done for the famed Brown & Bigelow, though at various points in his career, he also worked for magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and Good Housekeeping, and large… Read More »
The Erard Grand Piano

Erard Piano Company

Sébastien Érard is heralded for his production of both pianos and harps, and is credited with pioneering the modern piano. His numerous innovations and patents made him a highly-respected instrument maker, earning him commissions from Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. With operations in both… Read More »
Paul Gustave Fischer

Paul Gustave Fischer Biography

The son of the artist Phillip Fischer, Paul Gustave Fischer was born in Copenhagen into a Polish Jewish family, and was part of the fourth generation of this family to live in Denmark. He began to paint when he was still young, guided by his father. He became a pupil of C. Möller, but was… Read More »
Original painting by Emile Friant

Émile Friant biography

French Naturalist painter Émile Friant's technical precision and observational prowess made his work some of the most desirable works of the early 20th century. He was a native of Nancy, a northeastern French city that in the later years of the 19th century was becoming a secondary… Read More »
Portrait of a Mr. Coke by Thomas Gainsborough

Thomas Gainsborough

Thomas Gainsborough was one of the most recognizable names in 18th-century art. Considered a true artistic genius, known for the inventiveness and complexity of his techniques, Gainsborough’s work is synonymous with sublime elegance and relaxed grace. A favorite of the aristocracy, who… Read More »
Soir de Bataille by Jules Girardet

Jules Girardet Biography

Jules Girardet was born in Versailles to Swiss parents in 1856. He received his formal art education at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, concentrating on historical genre for which he became most notable. Girardet enjoyed a successful career, participating in numerous exhibitions in Paris and… Read More »
Girodet's Napoleon I in Coronation Robes

Anne-Louis Girodet

Anne-Louis Girodet 1767-1824 •  French One of the greatest Neoclassical painters, Girodet was profoundly shaped by both his training under the great Jacques-Louis David and by the dramatic social and political upheaval brought about by the French Revolution. His wide range of… Read More »
Alexej Alexejewitsch Harlamoff (Russian 1842-1915)

Alexei Harlamoff Biography

Alexei Harlamoff's greatest renown came from his romanticized images of Bohemian children and young peasant girls. He was particularly skilled at using very soft and natural colors when painting faces, and paid great attention to delicately highlighting the cheeks and temples. His… Read More »
George Hepplewhite

George Hepplewhite

1727-1786 • British — Sideboards are wonderfully practical and ceremonial dining pieces created in the late 18th Century by the schools of Robert Adams and George Hepplewhite, the masters of furniture design at the time. Hepplewhite was highly influenced by Adams and took his… Read More »
Painting by John Frederick Herring, Sr.

Frederick Herring, Sr.

John Frederick Herring, Sr. 1795–1865 • British Renowned for an uncanny level of precision in his paintings, John Frederick Herring was adept at portraying an animal's individuality and emotional expression. Whether painting a thrilling race or a tranquil barnyard scene,… Read More »
'Forget Me Not' by Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes is known best for his dynamic compositions of idealistic beauties. A leader in the Pre-Raphaelite movement and a highly sought illustrator, Hughes' works exemplify the group's belief of a return to the copious detail, intense colors and complex compositions of 15th-century… Read More »
Georges Inness

George Inness Biography

“Never put anything on your canvas that isn't of use, never use a detail unless it means something.” –George Inness George Inness is regarded as America's greatest landscape painter. Initially influenced by the Hudson River School of artists, during the 1840s he traveled to France on… Read More »
The Minuet by Frederik Kaemmerer

Frederik Kaemmerer

Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer 1839-1902 Dutch Born in the Hague, Holland in 1839, Kaemmerer divided his life between his native city and Paris. A student of painter and sculptor Jean-Léon Gérôme, Kaemmerer made his professional début in 1870. He began his career… Read More »
William Kent Console Tables

William Kent Biography

William Kent, like many others of the early Georgian period, made his Grand Tour to Rome and there embraced the Italianate architectural ideas of Andrea Palladio, the highly influential Italian architect of the 16th century, called Palladianism. This style of architecture adhered to… Read More »
The Giant Cities, Paris by Louis Aston Knight

Louis Aston Knight

Louis Aston Knight, son of the widely celebrated painter Daniel Ridgway Knight, painted, much like his father, both in France as well as in the United States. There is, at first, a similarity between Louis Aston and Daniel Ridgway's paintings particularly in their subject matter of the… Read More »
Andrea Landini

Andrea Landini

Andrea Landini is immediately recognized for his vibrant works which are both mirthful and full of character. A leading artist of ecclesiastical genre scenes, he lavished his canvases with an impeccable technique, creating works of exquisite color and composition. His patrons during the… Read More »
Jules Joseph Lefebvre (French, 1836-1911)

Jules-Joseph Lefèbvre Biography

Jules-Joseph Lefèbvre’s incredible skill at portraying women with both precision and a certain adoration compelled a reviewer at the 1881 Paris Salon to write, “It is sufficient to mention his name in order to immediately evoke the memory and the image of the thousand adorable creatures of… Read More »
Edmund Blair Leighton

Edmund Blair Leighton

The son of the artist Charles Blair Leighton, Edmund Blair Leighton was educated at University College School before becoming a student at the Royal Academy. He exhibited annually at the Royal Academy from 1878 to 1920. His paintings have a large following among 19th-century art… Read More »
Chess Game by Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel 1839-1929 • FrenchFrench artist Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel is considered by many to be one of France's elite genre painters. Lustrous fabrics, exquisite interiors and, of course, dashing cavaliers were Lesrel's specialty and his genius lay in his ability to… Read More »
Le Vieux Moulin by Leon-Augustin L'hermitte

Léon-Augustin L'Hermitte

Léon-Augustin L'hermitte is one of the most accomplished French naturalist painters of the 19th century, and had an incredible understanding of the natural elements and the human condition. He was born in Mont Saint-Père in Aisne and was the only son of a village schoolmaster. His talent… Read More »
François Linke

François Linke

1855-1946 • French — Arguably the leading cabinet-maker of the Belle Epoque, Linke's highly original designs fused Rococo gilt flourishes with the liveliness and the fluidity of Art Nouveau. Linke's creations were labeled "entierement nouveau," or "entirely… Read More »
Veslez by Gustave Loiseau

Gustave Loisseau

Known for his masterful landscapes, Louiseau is famous for emphasizing the subjective and sentimental perspective of his subjects through his brilliant use of color. Loiseau’s work is a reflection of his interest in the subtleties of light and how it affected his subjects. He was… Read More »
Paintings by Henri Martin. The painting on the right exhibits his classical background.

Henri Martin

Henri Martin began his artistic studies at the L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. In 1879, he moved to Paris to study under Jean Paul Laurens, and his early academic style earned him a medal from the conservative Paris Salon at the age of 23. Shortly after, Martin was awarded a trip… Read More »
This incredible bureau plat and chair was crafted by the acclaimed ébénisteT. Millet of Paris, founder of the acclaimed Maison Millet firm, and represents among the finest 19th-century furnishings crafted by this gifted artisan.

Maison Millet

The House of Millet or Maison Millet was founded in 1853 by T. Millet in Paris. Millet was a producer of the finest meubles de luxe from 1853 until 1918, specializing in furnishings designed in the 18th-century taste. The firm won many honors, including the gold medal at the Paris… Read More »
Giovanni Montelatici pietre dure masterpiece

Giovanni Montelatici

Giovanni Montelatici is often credited with revitalizing the skill of "painting" in pietre dure, an art which had fallen into a steady decline since the mid-19th century. In 1898, he went into business with Galileo Chini (d. 1957), an artist from Mugello, near Florence, and the two men… Read More »
Normandy Coast by Henry Moret

Henry Moret

A vivid color palette and bold brushwork distinguish this extraordinary landscape by Henry Moret. His breathtaking canvases dutifully capture the bright skies, lush greenery, tranquil waterways and diverse coastline of northern France. It is through his mastery of the plein-air technique,… Read More »
Emile Munier

Émile Munier biography

Émile Munier specialized in portraying children in all their innocence. Munier’s academic training began with his mentor, Abel Lucas, and he later became a student of his close friend William Bouguereau, the artist who epitomized 19th-century, high-academic art. During the… Read More »
1st Edition of Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica

Sir Isaace Newton

Sir Isaac Newton, the great English mathematician and physicist, was born on Christmas Day, 1642, the same year that Galileo died. He held a professorship at Cambridge University and represented the University in Parliament, reformed the English coinage as master of the mint, and for… Read More »
Georgia O'Keefe's It was Yellow and Pink I

Georgia O'Keefe

Georgia O'KeeffeRenowned for her magnificent use of color and form in her landscapes, flower studies and abstract paintings, Georgia O'Keeffe is regarded among the most significant and provocative artists of the 20th century and a key figure in the American modernist movement. She decided… Read More »
Bay of Naples Landscape by Alberto Pasini

Alberto Pasini

Alberto Pasini was a celebrated Orientalist painter and lithographer. His scenes incorporate superb draftsmanship and a great sensitivity to color. He is also known for his juxtaposition of different social types brought together by the common bonds of trade and religion, all portrayed… Read More »
Sidney Richard Percy

Sidney Richard Percy

Sidney Richard Percy was one of the most important landscape painters of the Victorian period. Born into an artistic dynasty, his father and five brothers were also successful artists. Percy dropped his surname of Williams to avoid confusion with his other family members and emerged as… Read More »
Jacob Petit

Jacob Petit

1796-1868 • French — Jacob Petit owned one of the most important and well-known porcelain factories in France, becoming one of the major producers of Rococo ornamental ware during the 1830s. Between 1830 and 1850, new manufacturing techniques evolved that modernized the… Read More »
Important “Bonheur du Jour” by Pioniez

Pierre Pioniez

Master ébéniste Pierre Pioniez (1730-1790) began his career in the suburb of St. Antoine as an apprentice to the famed Migeon, and later established himself in the Marais, rue Michel-Lecomte, where he remained until his death. A majority of his works were executed in the… Read More »
Green Onyx Center Table by Pottier & Stymus

Pottier & Stymus

One of the most prominent and largest American design and manufacturing firms of high quality furniture of the Victorian period, Pottier & Stymus produced furniture in the Neo-Greco, Renaissance Revival, Egyptian Revival, and Modern Gothic styles. The company supplied furniture to the… Read More »

Julius Rappaport

1851-1917 — Julius Rappaport began his career as an apprentice to a silversmith in Berlin. He soon moved to St. Petersburg where he became a master in 1884 and opened his first workshop soon after. Carl Fabergé recruited Rappaport in 1890 to work at his St. Petersburg workshop… Read More »
Portrait of Mary Townshend by Sir Joshua Reynolds

Sir Joshua Reynolds

Stylistically, Sir Joshua Reynolds was influenced by Michelangelo and the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens. Reynolds' portraits were distinguished by calm dignity, classical allusions, rich color, and realistic portrayal of character. His portraits form an epitome of London society of his… Read More »
Garrard Robinson

Garrard Robinson

1834-1891 • English — The son of a blacksmith, Robinson attended the Newcastle School of Design. At the age of 14 he apprenticed to Thomas Hall Tweedy, then the most famous wood carver in all of Great Britain. It is widely accepted that a majority of Tweety's finest works were… Read More »
The Kiss by Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin French (1840-1917)Auguste Rodin is counted among the greatest artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries along with names such as Van Gogh, Monet and Renoir. In the history of sculpture, he occupies a place even more important than his painterly contemporaries, for he… Read More »
Théo van Rysselberghe

Theo van Rysselberghe

Théo van Rysselberghe 1862-1926 • Belgian Belgian Neo-Impressionist artist Théo van Rysselberghe's rebellion of the constraining academic standards at the turn of the 20th century proved crucial to the history of European art. Today, van Rysselberghe’s works are… Read More »
Silver Gilt Tray by Digby Scott and Benjamin Smith

Digby Scott and Benjamin Smith

The partnership of Digby Scott and Benjamin Smith produced some of the greatest silver works of the early 19th century. Scott and Smith jointly ran workshops located in Greenwich, England from 1802 to 1807 and during their brief partnership were the principal suppliers of silver… Read More »
John & Thomas Seymour

John & Thomas Seymour

American — The Seymours were the most famous of the early American cabinetmakers in New England and their furniture can be found in numerous museums around the world, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. This extraordinary sideboard… Read More »
Paul Sormani

Paul Sormani

1817-1877 • French — Sormani received enormous attention as one of Paris' finest and most influential ébénistes and earned worldwide acclaim by displaying his pieces at many of the world's leading exhibitions. At the 1867 Exhibition Universelle in Paris the… Read More »
Charles-Joseph-Frédéric Soulacroix

Charles Frederic Joseph Soulacroix

Soulacroix is best known for his scenes of wealthy 18th-century figures lavishly adorned in satins and silks engaging in romantic pursuits amid equally sumptuous interiors. Soulacroix was, without doubt, the most famous and talented painter of these silks and satins and his ability to… Read More »
Thomas Ralph Spence

Thomas Ralph Spence

Born in Yorkshire, England, into a family of builders, Spence studied as an architect, and settled in London, where he became a painter of landscapes, historical subjects and architectural scenes. Greatly inspired by the work of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Spence's best work consisted of… Read More »
Portrait of Pierre Ryckmans by Irma Stern

Irma Stern

Considered one of the most significant South African artists of the 20th century, Irma Stern is beloved internationally. Her striking scenes taken from African life, imbued with her unique Expressionist style and intense palettes, created a dynamic body of work that not only exemplified… Read More »
Reflective Thoughts by Marcus Stone

Marcus Stone

A much admired British artist, Marcus Stone’s works brought him fame and fortune during his own lifetime. Stone exhibited his works extensively including showings at the Royal Academy in London and the Royal Society of Artists, Birmingham. Artist’s Associations: Royal Academy, London… Read More »
Portrait of Timothy Pickering by Gilbert Stuart

Stuart, Gilbert bio

Gilbert Stuart is responsible for composing the iconic images of our nation’s most historic figures, including the Athenaeum of 1796, the famed unfinished portrait of President George Washington that has served as the image on the one-dollar bill for over a century. His masterful handling… Read More »
Rue Saint-Rustique a Montmartre by Maurice Utrillo

Maurice Utrillo

Maurice Utrillo French • 1883-1955 Maurice Utrillo is among the most prolific of the French artists, known for his rich and daring color palette and use of contrast to bring the streets of his hometown of Montmarte to life. Utrillo was born on Christmas Day in the Montmartre quarter… Read More »
The Diet by Jehan George Vibert

Jehan George Vibert

Jehan George Vibert 1840-1902 • French Parisian artist Jehan George Vibert was famous for his amazingly detailed and humorous paintings of satirical cardinals. Vibert began his career studying first under his grandfather, Jazet, who was a celebrated engraver. The artist soon… Read More »
Eugen von Blaas

Eugen von Blaas Biography

Eugen von Blaas is best known for the exquisite works he painted while visiting Italy. A student of his father, noted historical painter Karl von Blaas, Eugene specialized in genre, portrait and interior paintings, with his favorite motif being the daily life of Venetian fishermen and… Read More »
Vuillard's Portrait of Madame Fontaine

Jean-Edouard Vuillard

Jean-Édouard Vuillard 1868-1940 • French “I don’t paint portraits…I paint people at home.” –Jean-Édouard Vuillard French Post-Impressionist Jean-Édouard Vuillard was a leading figure in the Nabis movement. He specialized in… Read More »
Partner's Library Desk by S. J. Waring and Gillow

Waring and Gillow

Founded in 1703 by Robert Gillow, the august Gillow firm operated successfully as a family-owned business well into the 19th century. Originally operating from Lancaster, England, Gillow was especially noted for their quality of workmanship and innovative designs. No other firm in the… Read More »
John William Waterhouse's Listening to My Sweet Pipings

John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse, R.A., R.I. 1849-1917 British John William Waterhouse is undoubtedly one of the premier British painters of the later 19th century. Heavily influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite movement, his work is a reflection of his fascination with women and nature as translated… Read More »
Violinist Bronze by Charlotte Yazbek

Charlotte Yazbek

Charlotte Yazbek (1919-1989) was known for her characteristic, elongated figures of empowered women, and for lending an elegantly understated simplicity to her subjects. She began studying the fine points of art in 1957 with some of the leading Mexican artist of the 20th century, including… Read More »