Artists and Makers

The Minuet by Frederik Kaemmerer

Kaemmerer, Frederik

Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer 1839-1902 Dutch Born in the Hague, Holland in 1839, Kaemmerer divided his life between his native city and Paris. A student of painter and sculptor Jean-Léon Gérôme, Kaemmerer made his professional début in 1870. He began his career… Read More »
William Kent Console Tables

Kent, William

William Kent, like many others of the early Georgian period, made his Grand Tour to Rome and there embraced the Italianate architectural ideas of Andrea Palladio, the highly influential Italian architect of the 16th century, called Palladianism. This style of architecture adhered to… Read More »
The Giant Cities, Paris by Louis Aston Knight

Knight, Louis Aston

Louis Aston Knight, son of the widely celebrated painter Daniel Ridgway Knight, painted, much like his father, both in France as well as in the United States. There is, at first, a similarity between Louis Aston and Daniel Ridgway's paintings particularly in their subject matter of the… Read More »
Andrea Landini

Landini, Andrea

Andrea Landini is immediately recognized for his vibrant works which are both mirthful and full of character. A leading artist of ecclesiastical genre scenes, he lavished his canvases with an impeccable technique, creating works of exquisite color and composition. His patrons during the… Read More »
Louis Comfort Tiffany

Tiffany, Louis Comfort

Louis Comfort Tiffany had a discerning artistic eye, and his genius for design extended far beyond the exceptional lamps and windows for which he is known. Tiffany was also a talented interior designer and launched his decorating business, Louis C. Tiffany & Associated Artists in 1878.… Read More »
Jules Joseph Lefebvre (French, 1836-1911)

Lefèbvre, Jules-Joseph

Jules-Joseph Lefèbvre’s incredible skill at portraying women with both precision and a certain adoration compelled a reviewer at the 1881 Paris Salon to write, “It is sufficient to mention his name in order to immediately evoke the memory and the image of the thousand adorable creatures of… Read More »
Edmund Blair Leighton

Leighton, Edmund Blair

The son of the artist Charles Blair Leighton, Edmund Blair Leighton was educated at University College School before becoming a student at the Royal Academy. He exhibited annually at the Royal Academy from 1878 to 1920. His paintings have a large following among 19th-century art… Read More »
Chess Game by Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel

Lesrel, Adolphe Alexandre

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel 1839-1929 • FrenchFrench artist Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel is considered by many to be one of France's elite genre painters. Lustrous fabrics, exquisite interiors and, of course, dashing cavaliers were Lesrel's specialty and his genius lay in his ability to… Read More »
Le Vieux Moulin by Leon-Augustin L'hermitte

L'Hermitte, Leon-Augustin

Léon-Augustin L'Hermitte is one of the most accomplished French naturalist painters of the 19th century, and had an incredible understanding of the natural elements and the human condition. He was born in Mont Saint-Père in Aisne and was the only son of a village schoolmaster. His talent… Read More »
François Linke

Linke, François

1855-1946 • French — Arguably the leading cabinet-maker of the Belle Epoque, Linke's highly original designs fused Rococo gilt flourishes with the liveliness and the fluidity of Art Nouveau. Linke's creations were labeled "entierement nouveau," or "entirely… Read More »