Artists and Makers

Chess Game by Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel 1839-1929 • FrenchFrench artist Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel is considered by many to be one of France's elite genre painters. Lustrous fabrics, exquisite interiors and, of course, dashing cavaliers were Lesrel's specialty and his genius lay in his ability to… Read More »
Le Vieux Moulin by Leon-Augustin L'hermitte

Léon-Augustin L'Hermitte

Léon-Augustin L'hermitte is one of the most accomplished French naturalist painters of the 19th century, and had an incredible understanding of the natural elements and the human condition. He was born in Mont Saint-Père in Aisne and was the only son of a village schoolmaster. His talent… Read More »
François Linke

François Linke

1855-1946 • French — Arguably the leading cabinet-maker of the Belle Epoque, Linke's highly original designs fused Rococo gilt flourishes with the liveliness and the fluidity of Art Nouveau. Linke's creations were labeled "entierement nouveau," or "entirely… Read More »
Veslez by Gustave Loiseau

Gustave Loisseau

Known for his masterful landscapes, Louiseau is famous for emphasizing the subjective and sentimental perspective of his subjects through his brilliant use of color. Loiseau’s work is a reflection of his interest in the subtleties of light and how it affected his subjects. He was… Read More »
Paintings by Henri Martin. The painting on the right exhibits his classical background.

Henri Martin

Henri Martin began his artistic studies at the L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. In 1879, he moved to Paris to study under Jean Paul Laurens, and his early academic style earned him a medal from the conservative Paris Salon at the age of 23. Shortly after, Martin was awarded a trip… Read More »
This incredible bureau plat and chair was crafted by the acclaimed ébénisteT. Millet of Paris, founder of the acclaimed Maison Millet firm, and represents among the finest 19th-century furnishings crafted by this gifted artisan.

Maison Millet

The House of Millet or Maison Millet was founded in 1853 by T. Millet in Paris. Millet was a producer of the finest meubles de luxe from 1853 until 1918, specializing in furnishings designed in the 18th-century taste. The firm won many honors, including the gold medal at the Paris… Read More »
Giovanni Montelatici pietre dure masterpiece

Giovanni Montelatici

Giovanni Montelatici is often credited with revitalizing the skill of "painting" in pietre dure, an art which had fallen into a steady decline since the mid-19th century. In 1898, he went into business with Galileo Chini (d. 1957), an artist from Mugello, near Florence, and the two men… Read More »
Normandy Coast by Henry Moret

Henry Moret

A vivid color palette and bold brushwork distinguish this extraordinary landscape by Henry Moret. His breathtaking canvases dutifully capture the bright skies, lush greenery, tranquil waterways and diverse coastline of northern France. It is through his mastery of the plein-air technique,… Read More »
Emile Munier

Émile Munier biography

Émile Munier specialized in portraying children in all their innocence. Munier’s academic training began with his mentor, Abel Lucas, and he later became a student of his close friend William Bouguereau, the artist who epitomized 19th-century, high-academic art. During the… Read More »
1st Edition of Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica

Sir Isaace Newton

Sir Isaac Newton, the great English mathematician and physicist, was born on Christmas Day, 1642, the same year that Galileo died. He held a professorship at Cambridge University and represented the University in Parliament, reformed the English coinage as master of the mint, and for… Read More »