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Soir de Bataille by Jules Girardet

Jules Girardet Biography

Jules Girardet was born in Versailles to Swiss parents in 1856. He received his formal art education at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, concentrating on historical genre for which he became most notable. Girardet enjoyed a successful career, participating in numerous exhibitions in Paris and… Read More »
Girodet's Napoleon I in Coronation Robes

Anne-Louis Girodet

Anne-Louis Girodet 1767-1824 •  French One of the greatest Neoclassical painters, Girodet was profoundly shaped by both his training under the great Jacques-Louis David and by the dramatic social and political upheaval brought about by the French Revolution. His wide range of… Read More »
Alexej Alexejewitsch Harlamoff (Russian 1842-1915)

Alexei Harlamoff Biography

Alexei Harlamoff's greatest renown came from his romanticized images of Bohemian children and young peasant girls. He was particularly skilled at using very soft and natural colors when painting faces, and paid great attention to delicately highlighting the cheeks and temples. His… Read More »
George Hepplewhite

George Hepplewhite

1727-1786 • British — Sideboards are wonderfully practical and ceremonial dining pieces created in the late 18th Century by the schools of Robert Adams and George Hepplewhite, the masters of furniture design at the time. Hepplewhite was highly influenced by Adams and took his… Read More »
Painting by John Frederick Herring, Sr.

Frederick Herring, Sr.

John Frederick Herring, Sr. 1795–1865 • British Renowned for an uncanny level of precision in his paintings, John Frederick Herring was adept at portraying an animal's individuality and emotional expression. Whether painting a thrilling race or a tranquil barnyard scene,… Read More »
'Forget Me Not' by Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes is known best for his dynamic compositions of idealistic beauties. A leader in the Pre-Raphaelite movement and a highly sought illustrator, Hughes' works exemplify the group's belief of a return to the copious detail, intense colors and complex compositions of 15th-century… Read More »
Georges Inness

George Inness Biography

“Never put anything on your canvas that isn't of use, never use a detail unless it means something.” –George Inness George Inness is regarded as America's greatest landscape painter. Initially influenced by the Hudson River School of artists, during the 1840s he traveled to France on… Read More »
The Minuet by Frederik Kaemmerer

Frederik Kaemmerer

Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer 1839-1902 Dutch Born in the Hague, Holland in 1839, Kaemmerer divided his life between his native city and Paris. A student of painter and sculptor Jean-Léon Gérôme, Kaemmerer made his professional début in 1870. He began his career… Read More »
William Kent Console Tables

William Kent Biography

William Kent, like many others of the early Georgian period, made his Grand Tour to Rome and there embraced the Italianate architectural ideas of Andrea Palladio, the highly influential Italian architect of the 16th century, called Palladianism. This style of architecture adhered to… Read More »
The Giant Cities, Paris by Louis Aston Knight

Louis Aston Knight

Louis Aston Knight, son of the widely celebrated painter Daniel Ridgway Knight, painted, much like his father, both in France as well as in the United States. There is, at first, a similarity between Louis Aston and Daniel Ridgway's paintings particularly in their subject matter of the… Read More »