Artists and Makers

Pieter Brueghel the Younger

Widely respected for his vibrant depictions of contemporary peasant life and faithful copies of his father’s compositions, Pieter Brueghel the Younger is counted among the greatest Flemish artists of his era. A talented painter in his own right, he is primarily responsible for the… Read More »
A vibrant sunset sets this pair of

Makeig-Jones, Daisy

An over-200-year-old company finds itself on the verge of financial ruin as war rages on. It's only savior an unknown artist who rises through the ranks by determination, persuasion and sheer talent, only to be fired when she has outlasted her usefulness. Sounds more like soap-opera fodder… Read More »

van Gogh, Vincent

The art is long. Life is short. -HippocratesSwirling stars within an azure night sky; thick, textured yellow petals on a drooping sunflower; towering cypresses like dark green obelisks - the works of Vincent van Gogh are among the most recognizable and iconic in the whole of art history.… Read More »

Cartier, François

Cartier, “King of Jewelers, Jeweler to Kings,” was founded in 1847 by Parisian jeweler Louis-François Cartier. Appealing to royalty from the first, Cartier found its first royal patron in Princess Mathilde, niece to Napoleon I and cousin to Emperor Napoleon III, in 1856. Ever since,… Read More »

de Kooning, Willem

At the crossroads of figuration and abstraction stands the oeuvre of Willem de Kooning. Renowned as a founding member of Abstract Expressionism, his distinctive style is unique for his commitment to the figurative. His canvases reflect the unpredictable experience of life, filtered through… Read More »
Claude Monet

Monet, Claude

Claude Monet – it is a name that has become nearly synonymous with the term “impressionism”. One of the world’s most celebrated and well-known painters, it was his work, Impressionism, Sunrise, that gave a name to that first distinctly modern art movement, Impressionism. As the pivotal… Read More »
Meissen Porcelain

Meissen Porcelain

Secrecy. Deceit. Imprisonment. The stuff of spy thrillers and international intrigue. True. But they are also words that can be used to describe the early discovery and development of porcelain in Europe.These beautiful and delicate icons that adorn our homes were once the objects of… Read More »
Sevres Bisque Pedestals

Sévres Porcelain

Held in the highest regard among monarchs, emperors, and cardinals, the beauty of Sevres porcelain is infinite and enduring. The factory began as a modest workshop in the royal chateau of Vincennes in 1740, established for the express purpose of improving the quality and production of… Read More »
Belleek Tea Set

Belleek Porcelain

Belleek is nestled in an area of breathtaking beauty known as the County Fermanagh. The tiny town is most famous, however, for the beauty of its porcelain which has been heralded as the finest, thinnest ever made. Today, collectors around the world, seek out pieces from this legendary… Read More »

Newcomb Pottery

Clay collected from the bayous of Louisiana, thrown and kiln fired in New Orleans...Southern artists creating ceramic masterpieces depicting Southern themes...these are what make Newcomb Pottery a true Southern art form. Established in New Orleans in 1894, the pottery emerged as a result… Read More »