Artists and Makers

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's Oleander

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

“There is no need to be afraid of using the language of exaggeration in speaking of an artist of the very first rank because he happens to be a contemporary…the plain truth is that in his management of light and shade, in his minute exactness of imitation, and in his… Read More »
Elephant Clock by Asprey & Company

Asprey & Company

One of the finest purveyors of English luxury goods ever (and once owned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah, brother of the Sultan of Brunei), Asprey & Company was founded in 1781 and holds royal patents from the Prince of Wales. Its first royal warrant was given in 1862 by Queen Victoria, and since… Read More »
Royal Vienna Tall Case Clock by Gustav Becker

Becker, Gustav Biography

Gustav Becker trained in both Austria and Germany, opening his first workshop in 1850 in Frieberg, Germany. Shortly thereafter, in 1852, he received his first gold medal from the Silesia Trade Expo for design, and many awards and medals soon followed. His decorative clocks were originally… Read More »
John Belchier is counted among the major furniture makers of the early 18th century

John Belchier Biography

John Belchier is counted among the major furniture makers of the early 18th century. He is credited with the creation of some of the finest decor of the Queen Anne period. His works are renowned for their lush veneers of burr walnut and brilliant gilt accents, but without question, his… Read More »
John Henry Belter

John Henry Belter

1804-1863 • American — Recognized as both a pioneer in the design of luxury furnishings and as a craftsman in the exquisite execution of quality and construction, Belter is widely considered to be the finest furniture maker of the Rococo Revival period. His wood of choice was… Read More »
Jean Béraud • 1849-1935 • French

Jean Béraud Biography

Jean Béraud was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and his family moved to Paris soon after the death of his father. It was not until the breakout of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870 that Béraud switched his career path from law to fine art. The artist’s first public… Read More »
Winter in Yosemite by Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt 1830-1902 • American A member of the Hudson River School, Bierstadt's use of light, often referred to as “luminism,” is his trademark. Known primarily for his depictions of the American West, Bierstadt was the leading painter of the ever-expanding… Read More »
Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur (Marie-Rosalie Bonheur) was born into a family of artists in the city of Bordeaux. Her skill was evident from an early age, and she received formal training from her father, Raimond Bonheur, a landscape and portrait painter. At the age of six, her family moved to Paris where… Read More »
La Havre, Le Bassin de la Barre by Eugene Louis Boudin

Eugene Louis Boudin

Eugène Louis Boudin French - 1824-1898 "You are the master of the sky." -Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot Master French Impressionist Eugène Louis Boudin is considered by connoisseurs and collectors to be among the most significant figures of Impressionist painting.… Read More »
Robert-Aglae Cauchoix

Robert-Aglae Cauchoix

Optician Robert-Aglae Cauchoix (1776-1845) created three of the largest telescopes of his time, including an instrument with an aperture of 13.3 inches and 25-foot focal length, completed in March 1831, the largest objective lens made at that time. The owner of the largest telescope,… Read More »