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Walking Stick with Faberge Jeweled Amber Handle

Imperial Splendor: The works of Peter Carl Fabergé

The public's appreciation and fascination with the works of Fabergé have continued unabated for more than 100 years. Born in 1846 to a modest jeweler of French Huguenot decent, Peter Carl Fabergé lived his life against the backdrop of one of the most powerful and glittering empires in history. The last Czars of Russia enjoyed an elegant lifestyle and the son of this St. Petersburg jeweler became the leading and most famed goldsmith, jeweler and designer of the Western decorative… Read More »
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Kindjal Dagger

A Russian dagger used as both a side arm and fashion accessory, often decorated with niello inlay, gold gilt, silver, ivory or cloisonné. The kindjal's broad, double-edged blade was well suited as a close combat weapon.

cut glass

Any glass whose surface has been cut into facets, grooves and depressions aided by a large, rotating wheel. Wheel cutting glass decoration was developed in the 8th century BC, but the technique of faceting wasn't perfected until the 18th century in England. Although cutting glass is a costly and difficult process, the brilliant effects are extraordinary!


Cabinet piece the front of which has one or more projecting portions.
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