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Sydney Harbour by John Steven Dews

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Sydney Harbour by John Steven Dews

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Sydney Harbour is the subject of this marine oil by the celebrated John Steven Dews

Key Features

  • John Steven Dews pays homage to Australia's Sydney Harbour in this monumental painting
  • His skill at photorealism and his ability to capture atmosphere brings the scene to life
  • Dews is regarded today as the premier marine painter of the 21st century

Item Details

  • Width:
    37 3/4 Inches
  • Height:
    27 3/4 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
  • Subject:
  • Artist:
    Dews, John Steven
John Steven Dews
1949- | British

Sydney Harbour

Signed J Steven Dews (lower left)
Oil on canvas

This magnificent maritime seascape of Australia's Sydney Harbour was composed by the celebrated British marine painter John Steven Dews. Regarded as the greatest living painter of his genre, Dews is renowned for his realistic representations of ships at sea, capturing his scenes with a talent for draughtsmanship and incredible eye for detail. In the present work, Dews' skillfully depicts a massive ship leaving Sydney Harbour, capturing its journey as it is pulled out to sea by the hardworking tugboat it trails. In the distance, the buildings and warehouses of Sydney are dutifully captured, embodying the bustling cityscape of one of the world's most active harbours.

Dews upholds a deep love and admiration for water in his canvases, rendering every ripple, wave, and reflection with astonishing perspective singular to this amazing artist's works. His use of light, atmosphere and perspective allow the beauty of nature shine through every single brushstroke. Full of dynamic movement and stunning detail, Sydney Harbour embodies Dews' mastery over his art.

Born in Yorkshire in 1949, Dews learned his trade at the Hull Regional College of Art after being turned down as a candidate at numerous naval academies. He turned to art to express his love for the sea, eventually building a sizable enough portfolio to mount his first exhibition in 1976. An astounding success, nearly the entire collection was sold on opening night, and Dews received 17 new commissions. Ever since his blockbuster opening, Dews has enjoyed remarkable success and critical acclaim, earning numerous prestigious commissions and awards to this day as one of Britain's most sought-after living artists. 

Canvas: 20" high x 30" wide
Frame: 27 3/4" high x 37 3/4" wide

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Price: $168,500
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