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Wedgwood Dark Blue Jasper Dip Portland Vase

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Wedgwood Dark Blue Jasper Dip Portland Vase

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Item Details

  • Height:
    10 1/8" Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
A rare and exceptional Wedgwood Portland Vase, the form of which was considered by Josiah Wedgwood to be his greatest achievement. It is based upon the Portland, or Barberini Vase, perhaps the most famous and finest example of Greek cameo glass in the world, and represents years of experimentation by Wedgwood to achieve the perfect reproduction. This remarkable vessel is crafted of cobalt blue jasper dip and features an applied white relief of classical figures, scenes of gods and goddesses, with the exact interpretation being of great debate amongst scholars. The base is also decorated, adorned with the molded image of a man wearing a Phrygian cap.

Today, the Portland Vase symbol is used as the Wedgwood corporate symbol and is the symbol of the Wedgwood Society of New York. This iconic form is the subject of the book The Portland Vase and The Wedgwood Copies by Wolf Mankowitz, and an almost identical vase is pictured in Wedgwood Jasper by Robin Reilly. Features impressed WEDGWOOD mark.

10 1/8" high

Circa 1870

The original Portland vase was discovered near Rome around 1625 A.D. Placed in the library of the Barberini family, it was acquired by the Duchess of Portland in 1786. Her son later bought it from her collection and lent it to Josiah Wedgwood, who produced the first replica of the vase in 1789. In order to emulate the vitrified surface of the original, Wedgwood was challenged with bringing jasper porcelain to the pinnacle of perfection. For this reason, the Wedgwood Portland vase is regarded as the pinnacle of Wedgwood's achievements. The vase has gained continuing fame among connoisseurs over the past 200 years, and symbolically it is at the very heart of the company's identity.

The original vase is now located in the British Museum, as are Wedgwood's first replicas. The vase served as major artistic inspiration not only to porcelain artists like Wedgwood, but to glassmakers, as well. 

Wedgwood Jasper, 1972, Robin Reilly

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Price: $6,450
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