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Wedgwood & Bentley Medallion Depicting the duc de Sully

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Wedgwood & Bentley Medallion Depicting the duc de Sully

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Item Details

  • Width:
    2 Inches
  • Height:
    2 1/4 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
A wonderful Wedgwood and Bentley cameo medallion depicting Maxmilien de Béthune, Duc de Sully, the French statesman and advisor to King Henry IV.Wedgwood made two medallion portraits of the duc de Sully. an example of the other, facing the opposite direction, is featured in Wedgwood Jasper(1989) by Robin Reilly. Medallions such as these are truly exceptional , as solid jasper was only made by Wedgwood for a short period of time. Framed in a chased brass frame, the plaque is signed "Wedgwood & Bentley" on the reverse side.

Circa 1779

2" wide x 2 ¼" high

Some of Wedgwood's most decorative and meticulous work was executed in cameos and medallions. Using royalty and celebrated personages as subjects, these medallions comprise what is considered to be the largest and most interesting series of historical portraits ever undertaken in any medium. The invention of the jasper body circa 1775 enabled Wedgwood to produce white cameo reliefs on a colored ground in beautiful combinations. The relief was molded separately and so carefully applied that these cameos are often flawless under a magnifying glass. Embodying classical beauty and simplicity, jasper medallions are among Wedgwood's most sought-after wares.

Wedgwood Jasper, 1972, Robin Reilly

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Price: $1,650
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