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Untreated Tanzanite Pendant 82.01 Carats

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Untreated Tanzanite Pendant 82.01 Carats

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This striking Tanzanite weighs 82.01 carats and displays the perfect violetish-blue color

Key Features

  • This incredible natural Tanzanite weighs a monumental 82.01 carats
  • The striking jewel is certified by the AGL as untreated and displays the perfect violetish-blue hue
  • This tanzanite boasts an elegant square cushion-shape and a modified brilliant cut
  • Natural, untreated tanzanites of this incredible size and exceptional quality are incredibly rare
  • Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold
  • Download the AGL Certification

Item Details

  • Stone:
This breathtaking natural Tanzanite weighs an astounding 82.01 carats and showcases the perfect and highly coveted violetish-blue color so desired in these jewels. The gem is beautifully formed into a square cushion-shape with a modified brilliant cut, which perfectly showcases its striking color. Set in a stunning platinum and 18K gold pendant, this stunning natural stone is among the finest tanzanites known. 

Certified by the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) not to have undergone any clarity or thermal treatment, this beautiful Tanzanite is completely natural. Virtually all tanzanite stones are heat-treated to obtain this hue, so a perfect untreated stone such as this one is an absolutely extraordinary treasure. 

A truly extraordinary gemstone, the Tanzanite is found only in the African country of Tanzania for which it is named. Highly prized for its striking deep blue color, this intriguing stone was only first discovered in 1967 by Masai shepherds. These first crystals were offered on the market by celebrated jewelers Tiffany & Co., and have quickly become one of the most coveted stones in the world.

Download the AGL Certification

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Price: $228,500
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