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The Dow Jones Hourly News Digest of the D-Day Invasion

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The Dow Jones Hourly News Digest of the D-Day Invasion

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These Dow Jones news wire bulletins reported the events of D-Day as they unfolded

Key Features

  • These Dow Jones news bulletins chronicle the events of the D-Day invasions as they unfolded
  • Each of the 10 ticket newswire strips delivered news hour by hour of the days events
  • The bulletins were printed June 6, 1944 as the invasions progressed
  • The D-Day invasions ultimately allowed the Allies to win World War II
  • These bulletins are an undeniably important part of American and world history
  • Framed under glass with reproduced photos of the invasion

Item Details

  • Width:
    57 1/2 Inches
  • Height:
    43 3/4 Inches
  • Period:
    20th Century
  • Origin:
An important piece of both American and world history, this series of Dow Jones hourly news bulletins delivered on June 6, 1944 chronicle the hour-by-hour events of the D-Day invasions of Normandy. This almost complete record of the D-Day invasions was delivered by the hour and is separated into 10 ticket wire strips. Dow Jones has been a leader in American publication and finance information since 1882, and because of their standing and importance in the business community, the bulletins are strictly factual and unbiased accounts of the events that unfolded. Codenamed "Operation Neptune" the Allied invasion of northern France was the largest seaborne invasion in history, and allowed Allied forces to reclaim German-occupied Western Europe. Nearly 160,000 soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy, with at least 10,000 casualties and 4,414 confirmed dead. The events that unfolded on that faithful day ultimately led to the overthrow of the Nazi regime and the Allied victory of World War II.

These bulletins were printed on June 6, 1944 and are mounted under glass with reproduced photographs of the invasion.

57 1/2" wide x 43 3/4" high

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