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Terrestrial Globe by W. & A.K. Johnston, Thirty-Inch

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Terrestrial Globe by W. & A.K. Johnston, Thirty-Inch

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Monumental in size and craftsmanship, this 30" globe by Johnston contains a wealth of information

Key Features

  • This stunning and rare 30" terrestrial globe was crafted by W. & A.K. Johnston, Ltd.
  • W. & A.K. Johnston was one of the most renowned globe producers of the late 19th century
  • This was the largest globe the Johnston firm ever created, winning the firm tremendous recognition
  • The surface area of a 30" globe is 625% larger than that of a more typical 12-inch globe
  • The globe bears the Johnston cartouche dating the globe to 1897
  • This important globe rests in a later mahogany stand
  • Globe: 30" diameter; Base: 38" wide x 47" high

Item Details

  • Width:
    38" Inches
  • Height:
    47" Inches
  • Diameter:
    30" Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
This very rare and monumental 30-inch terrestrial globe by the renowned firm of W. & A.K. Johnston of Edinburgh and London is sure to have been one of their finest creations. Founded in 1825, the Johnston firm is remembered as the foremost globe manufacturer of the era, and this stunning model was the largest size they ever created. Spheres of such grand scale were incredibly expensive to create and it proved to be much more cost effective to update one's plates than to buy an entirely new globe. Amazingly, the surface area of a 30-inch globe is 625% larger than that of a more typical 12-inch globe. This particular specimen boasts a beautiful, accurately detailed map set within its later mahogany stand.

This remarkable globe exhibits our world just before a tumultuous time in its history. Prior to the two World Wars, many countries were of massive proportion, only later to be divided into several smaller countries. The map also shows submerged telegraph routes and shipping lanes. In terms of rarity, proportion and historic value, this globe is truly extraordinary.

The Johnston brothers, William and Alexander Keith, both worked for leading Scottish globe manufacturer James Kirkwood until the Great Fire of 1824 destroyed the firm. In 1825, William founded his own firm and was soon joined by his brother the following year providing their combined services as geographers, engravers and printers. They quickly rose to the forefront of British globe manufacturing, receiving a royal appointment from Queen Victoria. In 1851, at the Great Exhibition, the brothers introduced their 30-inch globe design, the first of its kind ever produced in the British Isles. The firm remained intact even after the brother's deaths, and continued to produce spectacular globes well into the 20th century.

The globe bears the Johnston cartouche dating the globe to 1897.

Globe: 30" diameter
Base: 38" wide x 47" high
Maker's Cartouche

Collecting Antique Globes

Antique globes offer a glimpse into the past, a virtual snapshot of the world as it was, or was known to be at the time. The finer examples are quite rare and collecting them should be done with great care and attention Read More »

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