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Still Life with Two Sacks and a Bottle by Vincent van Gogh

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Still Life with Two Sacks and a Bottle by Vincent van Gogh

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A magnificent, early period still life by the iconic van Gogh

Key Features

  • A magnificent, early period still life by the iconic Vincent van Gogh
  • Executed while living in Nuenen, Belgium, a stylistically transitional phase of his career
  • This work, as all of his paintings, is a reflection of this troubled artistic genius
  • Canvas on panel
  • Circa 1884-1885
  • Canvas: 12" high x 16" wide; Frame: 19 1/2" high x 23 1/8" wide

Item Details

  • Width:
    C: 16; F: 23 1/8 Inches
  • Height:
    C: 12; F: 19 5/8 Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
  • Subject:
    Still Life
  • Artist:
    van Gogh, Vincent
Vincent van Gogh
1853-1890 Dutch

Still Life with Two Sacks and a Bottle

Canvas laid on panel

This magnificent still life is by Post-Impressionist master Vincent van Gogh. Entitled Still Life with Two Sacks and a Bottle, this oil painting displays his unmatched talent for using everyday items to create compositions of singular beauty. With thick impasto, heavy shadowing, and an intense palette, this exceptional work of art displays all the hallmarks of van Gogh's technique.

At the time he completed this remarkable still life, van Gogh was residing in Nuenen, Belgium. His works during this period reflected the personal crisis that would forever shape his career, including the years he spent as a lay preacher immersed in the plight of the sick and impoverished. With its somber palette and distinct perspective, this still life emanates deep emotion, reflecting the genius that is van Gogh.

This poignant still life provides a glimpse into the subconscious of the artist, having been heartbroken twice at this point in his life by the deaths of his love and his father, and suffering poor health as a result of his poverty. Van Gogh looks towards simple pleasures, such as tobacco and wine, as a source of immediate comfort. Meanwhile, his faith remained an overarching, yet less tangible, means of support. For some artists, the still life was mere technical exercise, but for van Gogh they speak of his artistic ambition, as evidenced by the current offering. 

Circa 1884-1885

Canvas: 12" high x 16" wide
Frame: 19 5/8" high x 23 1/8" wide

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