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Sheffield Silver Plate Plateau

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Sheffield Silver Plate Plateau

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This Sheffield silver plate plateau measures over 14 feet in length

Key Features

  • A monumental Sheffield silver plate plateau measuring over 14 feet in length
  • The plateau's size and outstanding craftsmanship make it highly desirable
  • Sheffield plate's unique coloration and durability make it particularly prized by collectors
  • Silver plate allowed forms to be created of grand size that were simply unfeasible in sterling

Item Details

  • Width:
    24 Inches
  • Height:
    3 3/8 Inches
  • Length:
    14' 3/16" Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
    Not Applicable
Over 14 feet in length, this remarkable Sheffield silver plate plateau is epic in size and outstanding in workmanship. Perfect for use as one large service or as five individual pieces, the plateau is elevated on scrolled sunflower feet. The mirrored surface is framed by a marvelous Rococo floral border, as a running band of floral Vitruvian decoration encircles the perfectly matched individual sections. Large pieces of Sheffield silver-plate, especially those of such superior form, are extremely rare and highly sought by collectors. Both versatile and commanding, this plateau makes a stately and regal presentation. Excellent condition.

24" wide x 14' 3/16" length x 3 3/8" high

Circa 1840

Created by a process perfected in the mid-18th century, silver plate, or the extremely strong and pliable fusion of silver and copper, is very rare today. Gradually replaced by electroplating, Sheffield plate displays a unique brilliance, giving off a distinct blue cast, unmatched by either sterling or electroplated silver.
Sheffield Silver

The Allure of Sheffield Silver

Two hundred and fifty years ago, Sheffield Plate offered consumers a more affordable alternative to sterling silver. Today, these early works of silver plate often command as high or sometimes higher prices than their sterling counterparts. The reason is simple, collectors recognize the significance and beauty of early Sheffield Plate, especially pieces by the great Sheffield makers like Matthew Boulton. Read More »

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Price: $154,500
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