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Rock Crystal Cornucopia by Rossler

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Rock Crystal Cornucopia by Rossler

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Rock crystal masterpieces of this size created by a renowned artist are incredibly rare

Key Features

  • An outstanding rock crystal and gilt silver cornucopia by Viennese artisan Karl Rössler
  • The rock crystal is illuminated by fine foliate carving
  • Masterfully executed silver gilt displays fine enameling
  • The piece is bejeweled with bezel-set emeralds, rubies and amethysts

Item Details

  • Width:
    18 1/4 Inches
  • Height:
    17 3/4 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
This beautiful antique Austrian rock crystal cornucopia by renowned Viennese craftsman Karl Rössler is comprised of luminous and highly coveted semi-precious stones married with exceptional silver gilt and enamel detailing. The rock crystal glows with its complex, engraved foliate motif. The silver gilt glistens with vivid enamel work bejeweled with several bezel-set emeralds, rubies and amethysts. A tribute to hunting, the cornucopia is topped by a finial of Artemis/Diana and terminates in a gilt bear, while the entire form is supported by a stag standing nobly upon the base.  

Rock crystal, or pure quartz, has been lauded for centuries for its inherent beauty. Ancient Roman Pliny the Elder found its clarity so impressive that he proclaimed it to be ice that had hardened permanently over millennia. When carved, rock crystal appears far more lustrous than man-made crystal or glass, so much so that it has even been used in place of diamonds. Its brilliance and purity, combined with its relative scarcity, secured rock crystal's status as one of the most highly valued minerals throughout history. It was particularly prized from the Renaissance through the 19th century, when it was considered one of the most precious and expensive materials used in the decorative arts. Rock crystal masterpieces of this size created by a renowned artist are incredibly rare.

Bears Karl Rössler's "KR" maker's mark with Austrian control marks

Circa 1890

18 1/4" wide x 17 3/4" high

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Price: $148,500
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