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Reed & Barton Francis I Silver Flatware Service 

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Reed & Barton Francis I Silver Flatware Service 

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Exceptional size and intricacy distinguish this sumptuous Reed & Barton silver flatware service

Key Features

  • This extraordinary silver flatware service is the work of the renowned Reed & Barton
  • Crafted in the revered Francis I, this incredible set serves 24
  • The entire service is house in its original fitted chest
  • Each piece features Reed & Barton marks
  • Chest: 44" wide x 37 3/8" deep x 42 1/2" high

Item Details

  • Width:
    C: 44 Inches
  • Height:
    C: 42 1/2 Inches
  • Depth:
    C: 37 3/8 Inches
  • Period:
    20th Century
  • Origin:
This monumental 856-piece sterling silver flatware service was crafted in the highly desirable Francis I pattern by the esteemed firm of Reed & Barton. A magnificent buffet service for 24, this set includes an astonishing 100 serving pieces, from salt spoons to wood and silver salad servers, and 12 pieces of hollowware, each exhibiting the elaborate flower and fruit-laden decoration that distinguishes the famed Francis I motif. Housed in its original, fitted chest, with each utensil's compartment clearly labeled, this service is a true masterpiece from this revered company.

Reed & Barton, established in 1824, is one of the oldest silver-manufacturing firms in the United States. They have long been an industry leader and pioneer in the art of silversmithing, which has been referred to as "the last great craft." The Francis I pattern is their most recognized achievement, featuring 15 different fruit clusters detailed in a complete set. 

Designed by Ernest Mayer, Francis I was developed around 1904-1906, when Reed and Barton sought to develop a sterling flatware pattern that would be a marvel of design and craftsmanship representing magnificence in detail and boldness of ornamental relief. Years of careful planning and accurate craftsmanship were responsible for this design masterpiece. The pattern is named for Francis of Angoulême, a handsome, talented and debonair patron of the arts and literature. He was born in 1494 and died in 1547. Francis became the King of France in 1515 upon the death of his uncle Louis XII. His reign was one of unimaginable splendor, as is this monumental service.

Each piece features Reed & Barton marks.

Chest: 44" wide x 37 3/8" deep x 42 1/2" high

This service comprises:
60 Teaspoons
60 After Dinner Coffee Spoons
48 Dinner Forks
48 Luncheon Forks
48 Oval Dessert Spoons
48 Cocktail Forks
36 Salad Forks
36 Iced Tea Spoons
36 Bouillon Spoons
36 Flat Butter Spreaders
36 Scalloped Ice Cream Spoons
24 French Blade Dinner Knives
24 Blunt Blade Dinner Knives
24 French Blade Luncheon Knives
24 Blunt Blade Luncheon Knives
24 Fruit Knives
24 Gumbo Spoons
24 Ice Cream Forks
12 Fish Forks
12 Fish Knives
12 Steak Knives
12 Hollow Handle Butter Spreaders
12 Tablespoons
12 Citrus Spoons
12 Small Teaspoons
6 Bon-Bon Servers
4 Salt Spoons
3-Piece Roast Carving Set (Fork, Knife & Sharpener)
3 Large Cold Meat Forks
3 Cracker/Saratoga Chip Spoon
3 Sugar Tongs
3 Gravy Ladles
3 Pie/Cake Servers
3 Cream/Sauce Ladles
2-Piece Steak Carving Set ( Fork and Knife)
2-Piece Steak Carving Set ( Fork and Knife)
2-Piece Roast Carving Set (Fork and Knife)
2-Piece Salad set (Fork & Spoon)
2-Piece Salad set (Fork & Spoon)
2-Piece Salad set (Fork & Spoon)
2-Piece Salad set (Fork & Spoon)
2 Small Cold Meat Forks
2 Table Serving Spoons
2 Table Serving Spoons
2 Master Butter Knives
2 Pickle Forks
2 Butter Picks
2 Tomato Servers
2 Cheese Servers
2 Soup Ladles
1 Pea Server
1 Jelly Server
1 Lemon Fork
1 Berry Spoon
1 Baked Potato Fork
1 Macaroni Server
1 Candle Snuffer
1 Vegetable Spoon
1 Olive Fork/Spoon
1 Pie Server
1 Fish Fork Server
1 Horseradish Ladle
1 Fish Server
1 Mustard Ladle
1 Jelly Cake Server
1 Waffle Server
1 Butter Scoop
1 Pea Strainer
1 Sugar Shell
1 Stuffing Spoon
1 Tomato Server
1 Cake Server
1 Pasta Scoop
1 Ice Cream Server
1 Spaghetti Server
1 Asparagus Server
1 Master Butter Knife
1 Oyster Server
1 Corn Butterer
1 Letter Opener
1 Large Poultry Shears
1 Small Poultry Shears
1 Bread Knife (serrated)
1 Double lipped Punch Ladle
1 Ice Tongs
1 Asparagus Tongs
1 Corkscrew

2 3 ¼" Butter Pats
2 8" Compotes
2 8" Circular Bowls
2 11 ¾" Oval Bowl
1 11 ½" Circular Bowl
1 11 ½" Circular Plate
1 7 ½" Oval Bowl
1 15 ¼" Oval Bowl 
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Price: $298,500
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