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Georgian Kindjal Dagger

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Georgian Kindjal Dagger

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Item Details

  • Length:
    18 3/4" overall Inches
  • Period:
    20th Century
  • Origin:
This rare and wonderful Russian Kindjal dagger served as both an essential side arm and a fashion accessory. The hilt, grip and scabbard mounts, are decorated in fine niello inlay and gold gilt. This particular Kindjal dates to the early 20th century, a very turbulent time in Imperial Russia, and the Kindjal became more important than ever for personal protection. Due to its double-edged, broad blade design, the Kindjal was well suited as a close combat weapon. 

Such artistically executed Kindjals were an integral part of the traditional Russian dress that originated with the Eastern Slavic Cossack peoples, a segment of the Caucasus, who were known for their impeccable military skills. The Cossacks migrated from areas of Georgia and southern Russia to escape religious and political persecution, and banded together in small settlements for protection. Under the Tsars, the Cossacks were allowed great autonomy in exchange for military service and protection of the Russian frontier regions. Many of their customs of dress and weaponry, including the Kindjal, were accepted by mainstream culture. Even the Tsars were known to wear the traditional long black robe with the Kindjal worn on the side, an ensemble which is still worn by Cossacks today. 

The scabbard bears Georgian makers marks and is dated 1901.

Blade: 13 1/8" length
With Scabbard: 18 3/4" length

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Price: $8,850
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