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Pre-Columbian Inca Dish

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Pre-Columbian Inca Dish

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Item Details

  • Diameter:
    6" Inches
  • Period:
    Pre-18th Century
  • Origin:
Pottery created by the Inca civilization was of the highest standard, much like their architectural feats.  The quality of the glazing used in Inca pottery is noteworthy and the majority of designs were similar to that of what had been created by previous Pre-Columbian generations. This delightful dish was used for Inca ceremonial occassions and would have held fermented corn called chicha. The Inca used chicha for ritual purposes and consumed it in vast quantities during religious festivals. Mills in which it was probably made were found at Machu Picchu.  During the Inca Empire women were taught the techniques of brewing chicha in schools for women called Aqlla Wasi. These schools were specifically for Inca Princesses and noble women.

The Inca were skilled craftsmen who worked in small communities or guilds producing work for the empire. These communities often specialized in certain type of art such as pottery making or weaving. Their production would be taken to all parts of the empire and distributed, much like a centralized economy. There were also specialized female artisans working on important art pieces for the nobility. Such workers or artists were referred to as the Chosen Women, picked from among the most beautiful young females in the empire.

In the Inca artistic oeuvre vases and plates were created to serve food to the gods, jewelry was for the nobility,  and knives for sacrificing animals and performing surgery. Inca art gives us an understanding of how the Incas lived as they did not leave written records of their history. Everything we know about their lives has been passed on in oral form from generation to generation and from the interpretations of artifacts discovered by archeologists. Andean countries such as Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador have inherited these forms of art which are imbedded in their culture and can be seen in their current arts and crafts.

Circa, 1400-1532

Diameter: 5"

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Price: $1,885
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