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Pre-Columbian Chancay Figural Vessel with Cup

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Pre-Columbian Chancay Figural Vessel with Cup

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Item Details

  • Width:
    10 1/2" Inches
  • Height:
    20" Inches
  • Period:
    Pre-18th Century
  • Origin:
This monumental Chancay figural vessel displays black pigment against a buff and white slip in traditional Chancay fashion. The vessel uses the bulbous bottom chamber to double as the body of the figure, and the neck of the vessel is used to feature the head.

The figure is shown wearing large ear spools and a headband with applied adornments and ornate patterns painted around the eyes and mouth. The figure holds a small cup at chest level.

The Chancay culture reigned 1200-1470 A.D. in the valleys of Chancay and Chillon on the middle coast of Peru. In the early 15th century the ChimĂș state conquered parts of the southern Chancay area, and in the year 1450 the Incas occupied both areas.

Chancay ceramics are made with a mold, matt-surfaced, and almost without exception white and black. The Chancay vessels are often large and eccentric in form. Large egg-shaped jars, such as this, are a popular design. These vessels are anthropomorphized and the face and sometimes the upper part of the body are covered with adornments and geometric ornaments. This style of geometric ornamentation and a strong simplification of animal and human motifs are part of the typical features of the Chancay ceramics.

Circa 1200-1470 AD
10 1/2" wide x 20" high

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Price: $8,850
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