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Porte Saint-Denis Winter by Édouard Leon Cortès

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Porte Saint-Denis Winter by Édouard Leon Cortès

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This captivating scene of the Ponte Saint-Denis is by French Post-Impressionist Édouardo Cortès

Key Features

  • This stunning view of the Ponte Saint-Denis is by renowned French painter Édouard Leon Cortès
  • Entitled Porte Saint-Denis, Winter, the oil on canvas epitomizes the artist's oeuvre
  • His evocative scenes of Paris earned Cortès the title of "Parisian Poet of Painting"
  • Cortès possessed an uncanny ability to capture the atmosphere and vibrancy of the City of Lights
  • He continues to be lauded as one of the great Post-Impressionist painters of his time
  • Oil on Canvas; Signed "Édouard Cortès" (lower right)
  • Canvas: 19 1/2 high x 25 3/4 wide; Frame: 20 3/8 high x 25 5/8 high

Item Details

  • Width:
    C: 25 3/4; F: 25 5/8 Inches
  • Height:
    C: 19 1/2; F: 20 3/8 Inches
  • Period:
    20th Century
  • Origin:
  • Subject:
  • Artist:
    Cortes, Edouard Leon
Édouard Leon Cortès
1882-1969 French

Porte Saint-Denis, Winter

Signed "Édouard Cortès" (lower right)
Oil on canvas

Celebrated as the "Parisian Poet of Painting", Édouard Leon Cortès was a master at capturing the vibrant energy and romantic beauty of the City of Lights, and this incredible winter scene of the Ponte Saint-Denis is no exception. Brilliantly rendered to express the romance and charm of old Paris through the masterful application of broad, enthusiastic brushstrokes, this important oil on canvas absolutely captivates the viewer. Cortès undeniably captures the very essence of the Belle Époque and the energetic, bustling streets of Paris with a Post-Impressionistic vigor. The bold splashes of color common to Cortès' oeuvre are on display in this street scene, with the warm yellow and orange blaze of lanterns and candelight flickering over the greys and browns of the buildings and overcast sky. The dimly lit street is alive with the bustle of pedestrians and automobiles, each flitting about within the romantic Parisian setting. Through his uncanny ability to portray the very essence of his city, Cortès crafts an enduring epic poem to his love, Paris, on each and every canvas.

Born in Lagny-sur-Marne, France in 1882, Cortès was destined to be an artist. His father, French painter Antonio Cortès and his older brother, Andre, were both important painters in their own right, and the young Cortès was greatly influenced by their instruction. He also benefited from the influence of Maximilian Luce, Camille Pissaro and Lucien Pissaro, among other Impressionist artists, who were close friends of the family and flocked to Lagny-sur-Marne for its picturesque landscapes. At seventeen, he continued his studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and soon after earned fame when he contributed a dramatic Parisian street scene at dusk to the Socíeté des Artistes Française .

From that point onwards, Cortès dedicated his extensive oeuvre to capturing the magic of Paris on canvas. Though he painted the same streets time and time again, each work is unique in its narrative and perspective, each mindful of the changes brought by the seasons and progress, yet each enchantingly nostalgic. Throughout his life, his enchanting depictions of a captivating Paris were in high demand, and they remain a favorite of collectors and art aficionados today.

Canvas: 19 1/2" high x 25 3/4" wide
Frame: 20 3/8" high x 25 5/8" wide

Societe des Artistes Français, 1899
Salon de la Societe Nationale
Salon des Independants
Salon d'Automne
Salon d'Hiver
Union des Beaux-Arts
Academie des Beaux Arts

Edouard Cortes, 1999, David Klein
Davenport's Art Reference, 1994/95 Edition, 1995, R. J. Davenport
Dictionnaire des Peintres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs et Graveurs, 1976, E. Benezit
Painting by William Bouguereau

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