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Pillar Fairyland Lustre Vase by Wedgwood

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Pillar Fairyland Lustre Vase by Wedgwood

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Key Features

  • This stunning porcelain vase by Wedgwood is from the highly celebrated Fairyland Lustre line
  • The piece features the Pillar pattern, one of the earliest Fairyland Lustre motifs
  • The vibrantly hued motif captures the fantastical Isle of the Genii
  • Today, these works are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors

Item Details

  • Height:
    12 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
One of the earliest Fairyland Lustre motifs, this Pillar pattern vase by Wedgwood features the fantastical Isle of the Genii, populated with nymphs and elves at every turn. Introduced by Wedgwood artist Daisy Makeig-Jones in 1915, Fairyland Lustre marked a true departure from the factory's history of classic design and subdued color with its fiery hues and fanciful subjects. Fairyland Lustre wares was well received and the range of works produced during the 1920s was remarkable. Makeig-Jones retired in 1931, ending the reign of Fairyland Lustre. Today, these works are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors. 

The Pillar pattern is masterfully painted upon a fine pear-shaped vase, form #3451. A similar vase is pictured in Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre by Una des Fontaines, 1975, page 140, Plate 28. 

Marked with the Wedgwood "Portland" stamp with the pattern number Z4968.

Circa 1920

12" high
A vibrant sunset sets this pair of

Elves, Nymphs and Fairies–Oh My!: Illustrious Fairyland Lustre by Wedgwood

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Price: $19,850
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