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Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring 3.05 Carats

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Natural Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring 3.05 Carats

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This exquisite 3.05-carat Natural Fancy Vivid yellow diamond is one of the rarest gems in the world

Key Features

  • A rare and beautiful 3.05-carat Natural Fancy Vivid yellow diamond glows in this dazzling ring
  • The grade of Fancy Vivid Yellow is the most saturated yellow a diamond can achieve
  • Less than 1/1,000,000th of one-percent of diamonds attain such a level of perfection
  • Emerald-cut yellow diamonds are very rare, since the gem must have exceptional color and clarity
  • Set in platinum and 18K yellow gold with .75 carats of white diamonds
  • Download the GIA Certification

Item Details

  • Stone:
    Colored Diamonds
This dazzling and highly important 3.05-carat Natural Fancy Vivid yellow emerald-cut diamond exhibits the most saturated yellow possible, making it one of the most exceptional gemstones in the world. This incredible jewel sparkles with the fire and intensity found in only the highest-quality yellow diamonds. Out of the very small number of diamonds mined throughout the world that are considered beautiful enough to be classified as "gem quality," it is estimated that only 1/10th of one-percent reveal the brilliant yellow color. Of that highly select group, a minuscule 1/1,000,000th of one-percent have the level of color and brilliance to be classified as Natural Fancy, with even fewer achieving the coveted ranking of Vivid.

Emerald-cut yellow diamonds, in particular, are incredibly rare. Since its larger facets draw the eye to the natural characteristics inherent in the gemstone, the diamond must possess exceptional clarity and color to achieve the amazing beauty of this golden masterpiece.

This jewel is certified by the Gemological Institute of America to be Fancy Vivid and all-natural. The diamond is set within a fine platinum and 18K yellow gold ring, and is accentuated with a pair of shimmering white diamonds weighing approximately .75 carats. 

Download the GIA Certification

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Price: $189,500
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