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 Fancy Pinkish Purple & Yellowish Green Diamond Ring

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 Fancy Pinkish Purple & Yellowish Green Diamond Ring

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This ring boasts two of the rarest varieties of colored diamonds in the world

Key Features

  • This exceptionally beautiful ring displays three rare natural fancy colored diamonds
  • A 1.08-carat pinkish-purple diamond is flanked by a pair of yellow-green diamonds totaling 1.04 cts.
  • Purple and green are two of the rarest types of Fancy colored diamonds
  • Green diamonds are seldom graded as fancy, making these examples exceptional
  • These diamonds are also graded as having a desirable even distribution of color

Item Details

  • Stone:
    Colored Diamonds
Colored diamonds are the rarest and most exquisite of nature's treasures. This ring showcases not one, but three natural fancy colored diamonds of brilliant color and shimmer. The center diamond is a stunning 1.08-carat pinkish-purple diamond, with a pair of yellow-green diamonds totaling 1.04 carats. The pinkish-purple gem is masterfully formed in a modified brilliant cut in an oval shape, while the yellow-green jewels are cut-cornered rectangles in a modified brilliant cut. 

The intensity of color these diamonds possess makes their desirability and rarity even more exceptional. Purple diamonds are in a class of their own, attaining their regal hue due to the stones interaction with hydrogen during its formation. Natural purple diamonds are so rare that a gem of any carat weight commands considerable attention on the market. To find a specimen weighing over one carat is miraculous. Green diamonds attain their verdant color from natural radiation present in the earth. They rarely attain the vibrancy and color intensity to be graded as fancy, making these particular natural green diamonds even more breathtaking. 

Each of these incredible diamonds is certified by the Gemological Institute of America as being natural fancy with a very desirable "even" distribution of color. 

Download the GIA Certifications

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Price: $245,000
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