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Meissen Porcelain Rococo Mirror

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Meissen Porcelain Rococo Mirror

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The most outstanding Meissen porcelain surrounds the looking glass in this monumental mirror

Key Features

  • This monumental mirror is framed in the most magnificent Meissen porcelain
  • The classic Rococo decoration includes flowers, birds and putti
  • A crown of flowers a pair of candleholders complete this marvelous design
  • This incredible mirror remains in excellent condition

Item Details

This sumptuous Meissen porcelain mirror is a work of astounding artistry and rarity that would only have been created for the most affluent clients. Exquisitely hand-painted in polychrome with gilt accents, the bountiful frame is adorned with all manner of classic Rococo decoration, including a wide variety of highly detailed flowers, birds and putti, or cherubs. A pair of candle arms extends from either side, which allows the mirror to reflect candle light and illuminate a room.

Founded in the early 18th century, the Meissen factory was the first European ceramics manufacturer to produce "true" or hard-paste porcelain and remained unrivaled in terms of innovation and beauty for decades. Though the formula for hard-paste porcelain gradually found its way across Europe, the Royal Manufactory at Meissen continued to produce some of the finest porcelain works the world had ever seen. Creating such a mirror was a painstaking process, and the enormous decorative detail is an indication of the incredible level of skill attained by Meissen artists. A large item such as this would only have been created for the most affluent of clients. Considering the delicate nature of porcelain, this mirror remarkably remains in excellent condition. 

Circa 1880

70" high 41" wide
Meissen Porcelain

Meissen: The Allure of Continental Porcelain

Early in the 18th century, Augustus the Strong, elector of Saxony, arrested alchemist Johann Friedrich Bottger and imprisoned him in the town of Meissen; his mission, to discover the secret formula for hard paste porcelain. In 1708 Bottger unlocked the mystery and found the key to both porcelain and his freedom, and by 1718 factories began springing up across Europe fostering an atmosphere of ferocious competition.

By 1720, the Meissen factory was producing wares that eclipsed even the finest Chinese porcelain. They dominated the European market and influenced porcelain production around the world.

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Price: $98,500
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