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Meissen Five Senses Porcelain Figures

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Meissen Five Senses Porcelain Figures

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An exceptional set of Meissen porcelain figures representing the Five Senses

Key Features

  • These intriguing Meissen porcelain figures embody the five senses in exquisite detail
  • Features blue crossed swords marks and incised model numbers
  • Mid-20th century
  • Tallest: 6" high

Item Details

  • Height:
    Tallest: 6 Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
Each figure in this enchanting antique Meissen porcelain set beautifully represents one of the Five Senses. First modeled by J.C. Schönheit in 1772, each sense is personified by a seated young woman. Sight is caught in the middle of her toilette, gazing into a mirror. Touch is pecked on the hand by her pet parrot as she takes him from his birdcage. Taste enjoys a delicious meal of fruit, biscuits and wine. Scent holds a fragrant bouquet of flowers to her nose, and Sound plays a tune on her pianoforte. The Five Senses is among the most beloved Meissen sets. Each figure exhibits the magnificent artistry for which this renowned firm is so celebrated.

Features blue crossed swords marks, two of these with blue line marks below and an iron-red R., incised model nos. E 3, E 3, E 4 and E 5

Tallest: 6" high

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Price: $28,500
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