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Marquise-Cut Golconda Diamond Ring 8.03 Carats

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Marquise-Cut Golconda Diamond Ring 8.03 Carats

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This brilliant 8.03-carat Internally Flawless diamond is graded Type IIa, meaning it lacks any color

Key Features

  • The exquisite 8.03-carat diamond in this stunning ring bears the hallmarks of rare Golconda diamonds
  • This Internally Flawless diamond is cut in a luxurious marquise shape and graded Type IIa
  • Golconda diamonds are the purest of all, and are 2 to 3 shades whiter than any other D-color diamond
  • A pair of tapered baguette diamonds of E color and VS1 clarity flank this extraordinary jewel

Item Details

  • Stone:
The extremely rare and highly important Internally Flawless diamond in this ring boasts all the hallmarks of the legendary Golconda diamonds. Weighing an amazing 8.03 carats, this glorious marquise-cut diamond is certified by the Gemological Institute of America to be Type IIa, meaning it is pure and lacking any trace of nitrogen, the element that gives diamonds color. This lack of nitrogen makes this diamond a full two shades whiter than the whitest diamond. Splendidly cut in a luxuriously sophisticated marquise this stunning gem literally glows. This breathtaking gemstone is flanked by tapered white diamond baguettes totaling .72 carats graded D color and VS1 clarity. Set in platinum. 

Known as the "Ultimate Diamond," Golconda diamonds are the purest of all diamonds, possessing a level of clarity, purity and transparency unrivaled by any other diamond. They are universally accepted as the finest diamonds in the world, and, because they hailed from only one mine in the ancient region of Golconda that ceased production hundreds of years ago, these perfect stones are exceptionally rare, with only a relative handful known to exist. Because they lack any trace of nitrogen, a D-color Golconda is at least two full shades whiter than any other diamond known.

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Price: $1,485,000
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