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Louis XVI Silver Candelabra

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Louis XVI Silver Candelabra

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The Neoclassical Louis XVI style is exemplified in these magnificent silver candelabra

Key Features

  • These impeccable French Louis XVI silver candelabra epitomize the elegant Neoclassical style
  • Made by Jacques-Charles Mongenot, these lights boast an architectural motif with classical accents
  • To find specimens of 18th-century French silver is exceptionally rare and highly coveted
  • Each candelabrum is marked with the discharge of Henri Clavel

Item Details

  • Height:
    16 1/2 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
A stunning pair of period Louis XVI three-light silver candelabra, each bearing the mark of Jacques-Charles Mongenot. Exhibiting the architectural Neoclassical style that defined this period, these candelabra are crafted with exceptional detail, from the fluting that extends from the bases to the arms, to the acanthus foliage, beading and floral garlands festooning the central urn finials. Elegant and restrained in form, these candelabra leave no doubt as to the magnificent talent and skill of their maker.

Each candelabrum is marked with the discharge of Henri Clavel

Hallmarked 1779

16 1/2" high

During the late 18th century, Neoclassicism emerged as the most popular style after the exuberance of Rococo marked the reign of Louis XV. This new style favored more restraint and austerity, looking toward the classical world of Greek and Roman architecture for inspiration. The emphasis was on simplicity, straight lines and symmetry. Slenderness of proportion and fluting was stressed in furniture and decorating, and these patterns extended to others areas of the arts. French silver from the 18th century is among the rarest in the world, as the vast majority of these pieces were melted down and used either by confiscating them from the nobility to satisfy the extreme debt of the new regime, or by nobles to pay for their escape during the French Revolution.

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Price: $198,500
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