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KPM Porcelain Group Bacchus and Erigone

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KPM Porcelain Group Bacchus and Erigone

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Item Details

  • Height:
    9 1/2 Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
This exceptional group by KPM, or Krister Porzellan-Manufaktur, depict the god of wine, Bacchus, and the ill-fated Erigone. The figures are accompanied by Bacchus' symbols, a pair of beautifully decorated leopards. Stunning detail informs this piece, from the subtle coloring of the skin tones to the realistic bunches of grapes. A work of delicate beauty and intricacy, this group is a marvelous example of KPM artistry.

Bears the KPM sceptre mark in blue underglaze

Circa 1880

9 1/2" high

According to Greek mythology, Erigone was the daughter of Athenian hero Icarius, who had been taught by Bacchus to make wine. He gave some of the wine to a group of shepherds, who became intoxicated. In their drunkenness, the shepherds believed that Icarius had poisoned them, so they killed him and buried him beneath a tree. Erigone and her dog Maera found the grave, and distraught, she hanged herself from the tree, while her canine companion jumped into a well and drowned. Bacchus sent a plague of madness to the land, and all the maidens of Athens died just as Erigone did.

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Price: $1,450
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