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Japanese Shitan Wood Time & Strike Stick Clock

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Japanese Shitan Wood Time & Strike Stick Clock

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A clock such as this one exemplifies the aesthetics of 19th century Japanese design

Key Features

  • This exceptional Edo period striking wall clock includes a rare Shitan wood case
  • A clock such as this one exemplifies the basic aesthetics of 19th century Japanese design
  • Edo homes relied on the natural beauty of wood objects to communicate prestige and rank
  • The clock is simple and yet detailed and intricate, highlighting a minimal and naturalistic style

Item Details

  • Length:
    45 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
This exceptional, working Edo-period striking wall clock, or Shaku-Dokei, exemplifies the best of 19th-century Japanese design. One of the largest Shitan clocks known, it measures time with a balance/verge movement, a type of movement which predated the pendulum. This rare mechanism can be viewed behind the elaborately engraved front plate, while an engraved scale and inlaid hour and half-hour markers complete this ingenious timepiece. During the Edo period, Japanese feudal lords began to construct grand homes that demonstrated their wealth and power, relying on the natural beauty of a variety of woods to indicate prestige and rank. This exquisite clock would have been a powerful expression of the traditional Japanese sensibility of simplicity and modernism, while still emphasizing the quality and luxury of elegant design. 

 Circa 1840

 45" length

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Price: $34,500
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