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Intaglio Bracelet

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Intaglio Bracelet

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Five ancient hard-stone intaglios are prominently displayed in this 19th-Century bracelet

Key Features

  • Five ancient hard-stone intaglios are set in this exotic gold bracelet
  • Each carved gem is famed in gold filigree
  • The art of intaglio has been practice as early as the 14th Century, B.C.E.
  • Elegant objects like this bracelet were collected by wealthy travelers on their Grand Tour

Item Details

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Five ancient hard-stone intaglios are framed in gold filigree in this enchanting bracelet. Also known as gem carving, the art of intaglio has been practiced as early as the 14th century B.C.E., and was practiced by civilizations in Mesopotamia, Assyria, Phoenicia, and later to Greece and Cyprus. The gemstone intaglio was one of the most popular jewelry designs, decorating two popular Roman jewelry items-the fibula and the ring. In fact, Roman men of social standing commonly wore intaglio rings, which were used to mark wax seals, a practice that continued for hundreds of years. Made by hand-carving or drilling materials such as precious metals, gemstones, shell, wood and clay, intaglios were often collected by wealthy Europeans traveling on their Grand Tour in the 19th century.

19th Century

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Price: $34,500
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