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Hung Chong & Co. Chinese Export Silver Bowl

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Hung Chong & Co. Chinese Export Silver Bowl

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Stellar workmanship and artistry distinguish this rare Chinese silver dish

Key Features

  • This highly detailed silver bowl was crafted by Hung Chong & Co. of China
  • An intricate repoussé design of a fierce battle adorns the bowl's entire surface
  • Four dragons' head feet complete this stunning design
  • Features maker's marks; circa 1900
  • 12" diameter; 28 ounces

Item Details

  • Diameter:
    12 Inches
  • Period:
    20th Century
  This magnificent and highly detailed Chinese silver bowl was crafted by the famed Hung Chong & Co. of Canton, China. This bowl is truly an outstanding and rare work of art. The repoussé design, depicting a fierce battle set among cottages and cherry trees, encircles the entire bowl, which is itself elevated on four dragons' head feet.

Hung Chong (or Cheong) & Co. were renowned makers of high quality silver and finery catering to the upper classes in 19th and 20th century China. Located in Canton, the silversmiths had stores in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Honan Island, Canton. The firm was in business from 1860 to 1930, and also sold items from other local silversmiths.

Features maker's marks

Circa 1900

12" diameter

28 oz.

Chinese export silver was made in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, featuring designs that include Chinese dragons rather than Western motifs such as goats and grapes. Though much of it remained in China, the majority of the exported silver went to Boston or New York and later San Francisco in the US and to various ports in the UK, in particular Scotland. It also went to various European and Scandinavian countries, the Middle East and India. In the 17th century, Chinese silversmiths were supplying silver to royal and aristocratic households in Europe, including the Imperial Court in Russia. Chinese silver was made by hand, with its elaborate designs hammered out by master Chinese craftsmen. Largely unknown until the mid-1970s, a great deal of Chinese silver has been acquired by museums, making this exquisite bowl a highly desirable rarity on the market.

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Price: $26,500
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