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Henry Dasson Egyptian Granite and Bronze Urns

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Henry Dasson Egyptian Granite and Bronze Urns

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Dasson crafted these urns from the very same Egyptian granite used in the pyramids at Giza

Key Features

  • Dasson crafted these urns using the same grey granite found in the ancient Egyptian pyramids at Giza
  • The classically-inspired urns are adorned with doré bronze mounts crafted by Dasson
  • Signed and dated Henry Dasson 1885
  • 21 1/2" high

Item Details

  • Height:
    21 1/2 Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
Henry Dasson used grey granite from the famed Aswan quarries in Egypt to craft these rare and important urns. Aswan was the location from which ancient Egyptian builders quarried the very granite used in the creation of burial chambers and sarcophagi found in the pyramids at Giza. Each urn is designed in the neoclassical taste and complemented with exquisite doré bronze crafted by Dasson. Unlike other artisans who relied on other artisans for their bronze work and ormolu, Dasson handmade and chased all of his own bronze adornments. These, depicting detailed ram's heads and charming holly garlands, are of exceptional quality. Known for his superior craftsmanship, Dasson's furniture pieces and bronze work were favored by the wife of Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie, so much so that she made Dasson her personal ébéniste. To find such outstanding examples of Dasson's work, taken from the same quarries utilized for the grand pyramids of Egypt, is truly extraordinary. Excellent condition. 

Signed and dated "Henry Dasson 1885"

21 1/2" high

Henry Dasson made his mark as a Parisian cabinet-maker early in his career and garnered favor with the most important figures in the French aristocracy. The wife of Emperor Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie, made Dasson her personal cabinetmaker. Like so many others, Eugenie was so impressed by Dasson's skill and refinement that she commissioned numerous pieces to adorn her royal residences. Indeed, Dasson reflected on the designs of the 18th century and was able to vastly improve upon the methods in which those designs were created. Using more sophisticated tools, Dasson became renowned for his magnificent and technically superior dore bronze work. These urns are certainly a testament to Dasson's brilliant craftsmanship.

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Price: $38,500
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