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Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings

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Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings

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  • Diameter:
    12.9 and 13 Inches
  • Stone:
This pair of exquisite golden South Sea pearl earrings radiates unrivaled warmth from within. Measuring 12.9mm and 13mm respectively, these jewels of the sea are perfectly matched in both size and hue. South Sea Pearls are some of the rarest, most valuable pearls available. Created naturally by the largest mollusk in the world, the Silver Lip Oyster, it is the only oyster capable of consistently cultivating pearls of the tremendous size and quality showcased in this necklace. Found specifically in the countries of the South Seas, the oyster it lives and grows its pearls in the wild, making their production extremely limited. South Sea pearls come in a variety of colors including white, silver-white, creamy and golden, all highly regarded for their captivating luster and exceptional beauty.

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Price: $4,650
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