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German Silver Wedding Cups

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German Silver Wedding Cups

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Item Details

  • Height:
    11 & 10 5/8 Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
These lovely traditional German silver wedding cups take the forms of a man and woman, each holding an ornate, basket above their head. Also known as "bridal" or "maiden cups," these intricately decorated vessels are actually comprised of two cups, the smaller suspended from floral garlands and the larger fashioned of the figures' skirts. This striking design enables the bride and groom to symbolically take their first drink as man and wife from the same cup, while gilt interiors indicated that this pair was crafted for well-to-do clients.

The wedding cup dates back to 15th-century Germany, to the town of Nuremberg, where it remains a symbol of love, faithfulness and luck. Legend has it that the first wedding cup was created by a goldsmith who, wishing to marry a noblewoman, was challenged by her father to create a cup from which they both could drink at the same time without spilling a single drop. A wonderful piece for toasting a special couple! Excellent condition.

Features marks

Circa 1850

Male: 11" high
Female: 10 5/8" high

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Price: $12,850
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