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Foggy Sunrise by Francis Augustus Silva

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Foggy Sunrise by Francis Augustus Silva

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A veil of fog envelopes the sun in this outstanding sea painting by Francis Augustus Silva

Key Features

  • An incredible fog-ladden seascape by American artist Francis Augustus Silva
  • Silva is known as one of the great American sea painters
  • His realism and truth to nature have been compared to that of Winslow Homer
  • His attention to light and atmosphere is evident in this work, entitled Foggy Sunrise
  • Signed; Oil on board
  • Board: 12" high x 20" wide; Frame: 23" high x 31" wide

Item Details

  • Width:
    B:20 F:31 Inches
  • Height:
    B:12 F:23 Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
  • Subject:
  • Artist:
    Silva, Francis Augustus
Francis Augustus Silva
1835-1886 American

Foggy Sunrise

Signed "FA Silva"
Oil on board

American artist Francis Augustus Silva, whose works are aften compared with the "vigor and breadth of Winslow Homer," presents a beautiful view of boats drifting through a light fog in this highly desirable maritime composition. His works are renowned for their incredible realism and truth to nature, especially in their depictions of natural light and atmosphere. In this painting, entitled Foggy Sunrise two men are rowing toward a group of sailboats through the calm waters. The sun struggles to illumintate the scene through a veil of fog, giving the seascape a tranquil glow. Through close examination, it is clear why Silva is counted among the great American sea painters.

Silva was born in New York City and displayed an aptitude for art as a child. He first was recognized as a talented sign painter, since his father did not allow him to paint artistically. Feeling dispirited by the direction of his artistic career, he enlisted in the New York State Militia at the onset of the Civil War and served until 1866. He settled in New York soon after, steadfast in his decision to devote himself to marine painting. Silva began to achieve great success early on, an amazing feat considering he had never recieved any formal art training, and his works were exhibited at the National Academy of Design, the Brooklyn Academy of Art and the American Institute of Art. Traveling frequently to his favored locations for subject matter, Silva's works often show both New York and New London harbors, Westchester, Narragansett Bay, the Great Lakes, and later in life, even Venice, Italy.

Board: 12" high x 20" wide 
Frame: 23" high x 31" wide
Painting by William Bouguereau

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Price: $188,500
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