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English Victorian Games Table

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English Victorian Games Table

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Item Details

  • Width:
    24 1/8-33 3/8 Inches
  • Height:
    29 1/2 Inches
  • Depth:
    24 1/8-33 3/8 Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
Perfect for a night of sophisticated gaming, this English Victorian games table features a beautiful inlaid chessboard, which turns and unfolds like a handkerchief to become an elegant, felt-lined card table. An array of games of chance and strategy is contained within. The table's frieze drawer pulls out to reveal chess and checkers pieces, decks of cards, dice, metal and ivory chips, dominoes and counters, as well as brass candleholders, to be fitted into slots in the table, for those all-night competitions. The set also includes whist markers from the renowned Goodall & Sons Company, whose designs have been included in the Museum of Modern Art collection. This truly ingenious design allows this drawer to be pulled out from either side, so that each player can remove their games pieces with ease. 

Games tables are among the most fascinating items of antique furniture. A staple in homes during the 18th and 19th centuries, when entertaining at home was of primary social importance, these tables were crafted in a multitude of styles. Folding tables such as this, almost certainly inspired by military campaign furniture, are particularly prized by collectors today.

Circa 1898 

Closed: 24 1/8" square x 29 1/2" high
Open: 33 3/8" square

Goodall & Sons, first established as Goodall, London in 1820 by Charles Goodall, was not only the producer of three-quarters of all playing cards printed in Britain. The company also produced what is believed to be the first Christmas stationary in 1862.  

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Price: $24,500
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