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English Stick Barometer by Worthington of London

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English Stick Barometer by Worthington of London

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Key Features

  • This exceptional English stick barometer is both beautiful and functional
  • The elongated bow-shaped case is crafted from lustrous Cuban mahogany
  • The instrument features a thermometer, and a barometer that indicates atmospheric pressure
  • Crafted by Worthington & Allan, it is a classic example of these intriguing scientific instruments

Item Details

  • Length:
    38 1/4 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
This exceptional English stick barometer is a classic example of these intriguing meteorological instruments. Crafted by the esteemed Worthington & Allan, bow-fronted instrument is comprised of luxurious Cuban mahogany. The instrument features a thermometer and indicates atmospheric pressure on a silvered brass scale calibrated from 27" to 31" and engraved with weather indications. An ebonized urn-shaped cistern, transportation screw and sliding vernier complete this important and skillfully made piece, while the maker's name is finely engraved to the scale's lower left corner. 

Signed "Worthington London"

Circa 1825

38 1/4" length

Owning a barometer in the early Georgian period was considered a basic necessity and even households of the most modest means were often in possession of some manner of the instrument. Also known as cistern barometers, these early stick examples were much more portable than their predecessors and thus they were in high demand, crafted by mathematical, optical and philosophical instrument makers. This high demand for barometers prompted the appearance of many entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on their popularity. Many inferior models were crafted that were unreliable and cheaply produced. It is a true rarity to find a superb example such as this in such exceptional condition. 

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Price: $22,850
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