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Bamboo Windows by Tiffany Studios pair

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Bamboo Windows by Tiffany Studios pair

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Extraordinary pair of original Tiffany Studios stained glass windows

Key Features

  • This extraordinary pair of original Tiffany Studios stained glass windows are in excellent condition
  • It is exceptional to find a single Tiffany window of this size, let alone a pair
  • These Tiffany windows are displayed and illuminated in custom-built, ebonized cases
  • Much like a painting, each window Tiffany created was a unique work of art

Item Details

  • Width:
    27 Inches
  • Height:
    101 Inches
  • Depth:
    28 Inches
  • Period:
    Late 19th/Early 20th Century
  • Origin:
This extraordinary pair of Tiffany Studios stained glass windows exhibits the brilliance and outstanding ability that distinguish the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany from that of his peers. Shoots of towering bamboo are depicted in a lush mosaic of deep greens and browns set upon a backdrop of golden yellow dichroic glass. The windows undergo an astonishing transformation when viewed in transmitted and then reflected light. While most of Tiffany's window commissions were of ecclesiastical subjects, the artist was at his best when designing windows with nature as his inspiration. The Bamboo pattern is among the most admired in his repertoire. It is quite exceptional to find a Tiffany window of this size and it is even more rare to find an original pair. Excellent condition.

Circa 1910

27" wide x 28" deep x 101" high

(left) The windows are displayed and illuminated in custom-built, ebonized cases.

"Mosaics, blown glass, metal work and enamels, in each of these branches of his art Mr. Tiffany has shown himself to be a master, and yet he declares himself to be still a student, ever experimenting and learning. This surely is the strongest evidence that he will give us things yet more beautiful in the future. Meanwhile his exhibit was one of the very finest and most fascinating to be found in the Exhibition." -1900 Paris Exhibition Universelle Art Journal

Louis Comfort Tiffany devoted much of his talent and energy to mastering these remarkable windows and was awarded the Gold Medal for his efforts at the 1900 Paris Exhibition Universelle. The praise he received solidified his reputation as the world's foremost artist in glass. Windows were his first passion and he relied on his training as a traditional artist to create magnificent paintings in glass. Though he produced a phenomenal variety of objets d'art, it was his windows that provided him with the artistic expression he longed for. Much like a painting, each window is a unique work of art.

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Price: $335,000
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