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E. Joy Morris Carousel Horse 

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E. Joy Morris Carousel Horse 

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This rare E. Joy Morris carousel work exudes spirit and character

Key Features

  • The expressive carousel horse is a rare and early work of E. Joy Morris
  • Beautifully carved in an alert stance, this horse features a curled mane and flowing tail
  • Animals, like this bulldog, hidden beneath the saddle are a distinguishing element of Morris' horses

Item Details

  • Height:
    H: 59 3/4; P: 68 1/4 Inches
  • Length:
    68 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
Magnificent carving and a clever surprise give this outstanding antique carousel horse a rare exuberance. Produced by E. Joy Morris, this colorful steed represents one of the early forms by this legendary company. This horse is a work of wood-carving art, with expressive eyes, perked ears, curling mane, windswept tail and an alert gait. He also carries an extra passenger, a bulldog, beneath his beautifully designed saddle. Whimsical saddle additions such as this were a hallmark of Morris' ponies, and most took the form of animals, believed to be caricatures of the carver's pets.  An almost identical horse, with a bulldog, is pictured in Painted Ponies by Manns, Stevens and Shank. These beautifully carved horses are becoming harder and harder to find on the market. Complete with its own brass pole, this is truly one of the most extraordinary.

Circa 1902

68" length (approx.) x 59 ¾" high
Pole: 68 ¼" high

Painted Ponies, 1996, William Manns, Marianne Stevens and Peggy Shank
A Pictorial History of the Carousel, 1978, Frederick Fried

A well-to do Philadelphia entrepreneur, E. Joy Morris created less than two dozen carousels during his career from 1896 to 1903. One of his best assets was Salvatore "Cherni" Cernigliaro, a furniture wood-carver from Palermo, Italy who was responsible for the wildly creative carvings for which Morris became known. In 1903, Morris sold his carousel business to the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, a very successful firm that continued the tradition of adding the playful saddle decorations. Cernigliaro later went to work for Gustav Dentzel, one of the greatest names in carousel carving, where he was responsible for throwing out old, pre-set carving formulas and ushering in a new era of creativity. 

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Price: $63,500
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