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Deakin & Sons Silver Flatware Canteen, 138 Pieces 

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Deakin & Sons Silver Flatware Canteen, 138 Pieces 

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Item Details

  • Width:
    21 Inches
  • Height:
    33 3/8 Inches
  • Depth:
    16 1/2 Inches
  • Period:
    19th Century
  • Origin:
This rare and remarkable antique electroplated silver canteen, or flatware service, was crafted by James Deakin & Sons of Sheffield, one of the most respected British manufacturers of the Industrial Revolution. This enchanting 138-piece service for 12 is crafted in a variation of the Pembury pattern, and is held within its charming mahogany cabinet, which exhibits an elegantly carved Edwardian Neoclassical motif. Fitted trays containing table and serving pieces lie inside the chest's top and its three removable drawers. A cased pair of Victorian silver fish servers by George Unite, marked Birmingham 1864, completes this incredibly rare set. 

Established in 1865 by James Deakin as James Deakin & Co. in Sheffield, James Deakin & Sons was known for the high quality of both its silver and silver plate. By 1886, Deakin was joined in partnership by his three sons, William Pitchford, John and Albert and the style of the firm was changed to James Deakin & Sons. In the following years, the company opened offices and showrooms in London as well as branches in Glasgow and Belfast. The company also produced pieces designed by the great Christopher Dresser, Britain's first industrial designer whose vision defined the Aesthetic movement.

Circa 1900

21" wide x 16 ½" deep x 33 3/8" high

This service comprises:
12 table knives
12 table forks
12 soup spoons
12 dessert knives
12 dessert forks
12 twelve dessert spoons
12 fish forks
12 fish knives
12 teaspoons
12 coffee spoons
5 piece carving set
4 tablespoons
2 sauce ladles
2 mustard spoons
1 serving spoon
1 serving ladle
1 sugar scoop
1 butter knife
1 salt spoon

Did You Know? 
Since Alessandro Volta's invention of the battery in 1800, scientists jumped at the opportunity to discover innovative uses for this form of "portable electricity". A Birmingham surgeon, John Wright, was the first to successfully plate a base metal with silver using an electric current, in a process known as electroplating. The process involves the use of an electric current to bond one metal atop another, and made it possible for more than just the upper class to enjoy the beauty of silver in their homes.

This news of Wright's discovery spread quickly to silversmiths who realized the commercial potential of this innovation. The successful development and marketing of the electroplating process as an economical substitute for silver is credited to George Richard Elkington (1800-65) and his cousin and partner Henry Elkington (1810-52). The commercial use of electrometallurgy began with the patent taken out by the Elkington & Co. in 1840. The cousins were not inventors, but rather innovators who used the electroplating process to revolutionize the silver and plating trades all over the world.  Licenses to make the new products were sold widely in England and abroad to firms such as James Deakin & Sons of Sheffield and Christofle & Co. of Paris. Within 10 years, the market for Sheffield plate was waning and electroplate, which was prominently displayed by Elkington & Co. at the 1851 Great Exhibition, quickly won the respect of both high society and the art world. 

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