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Count Bruhl's Tailor on a Goat Porcelain Figure by Meissen

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Count Bruhl's Tailor on a Goat Porcelain Figure by Meissen

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This intriguing porcelain figure is considered one of Meissen's greatest works

Key Features

  • This intriguing Meissen porcelain figure is known as Count Brühl's Tailor on a Goat
  • This piece was created as a comic figure, with the goat mimicking his grandiose rider
  • The hand-painted tailor is attired in fine clothing and the tools of his trade
  • One of Meissen's most recognized pieces, this masterpiece is modeled after a design by J.J. Kaendler

Item Details

  • Width:
    17 Inches
  • Height:
    17 1/8 Inches
  • Depth:
    9 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
One of Meissen's more curious pieces, this delightful porcelain statue is entitled "Count Brühl's Tailor on a Goat," and is considered by most experts to be one of Meissen's greatest works. Modeled after a design by Johann-Joachim Kaendler (Kändler), the most famous sculptor at the Meissen factory, this figure is a marvel of exceptional artistry. Fascinating details, from the tailor's jauntily-cocked tricorn hat, colorful jacket and slightly askew spectacles, to the shears hanging from the goat's horn, are clear testimony to Kaendler's skill as an artist, and beautifully represent the Meissen reputation for excellence.

The story of this exquisite work is as interesting as the piece itself. During the 1730s, Count Brühl, Chief Administrator to the King, was known as the best-dressed man in Saxony (now Germany). The Count's tailor, of course, felt he was as much responsible for that title as the Count himself and therefore considered himself extremely important. The tailor had become very conceited and requested that the Count secure him an invitation to dine at Court with the King. The Count, who dared not make such a request to the King, came up with a plan that he hoped would fulfill the tailor's wishes. He went to Kaendler and commissioned him to create a statue of the tailor that could be placed on the Royal dining table, thus fulfilling his tailor's wish to dine with the King. Kaendler's sense of humor got the better of him and he fashioned the grandiose tailor astride an equally ostentatious billy goat. Kaendler's creation became a hilarious caricature of the pompous clothier.

This figure bears the Meissen blue crossed swords mark used for the years 1815-1924 with "No. 107" incised.

The original design of "Count Brühl's Tailor on a Goat" is featured in Meissen Portrait Figures by Len and Yvonne Adams. The figurine is also featured in an original oil painting by Carl Wilhelm Anton Seiler entitled Count Brühl's Goat, currently held in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Circa 1880

17" wide x 9" deep x 17 1/8" high
Meissen Porcelain

Meissen: The Allure of Continental Porcelain

Early in the 18th century, Augustus the Strong, elector of Saxony, arrested alchemist Johann Friedrich Bottger and imprisoned him in the town of Meissen; his mission, to discover the secret formula for hard paste porcelain. In 1708 Bottger unlocked the mystery and found the key to both porcelain and his freedom, and by 1718 factories began springing up across Europe fostering an atmosphere of ferocious competition.

By 1720, the Meissen factory was producing wares that eclipsed even the finest Chinese porcelain. They dominated the European market and influenced porcelain production around the world.

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