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Children's Cane with Silver Feather Tip

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Children's Cane with Silver Feather Tip

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This lovely cane features a silver topper with a charming feather design. Miniature canes, such as this one, were used by children to accessorize their outfits, in much the same manner as adult canes were used. They were manufactured with the same quality and precision as adult canes.Canes have historically been a status symbol for both men and women, sometimes interchanged with the sword or the umbrella depending on the time period and social occasion.  Bishop's staff and scepters are still part of the ceremonial dress of clergy and royalty today.  Beautifully adorned canes and walking sticks have always been a symbol of power and status and have most often been used as a fashion accessory for the international elite.

Length: 16"

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Price: $250
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