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Chanelo by Alfredo Castaneda

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Chanelo by Alfredo Castaneda

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This amazing drawing by Alfredo Castañeda showcases the eccentricity of Mexican surrealism

Key Features

  • This incredible surrealist portrait is a masterpiece by Alfredo Castañeda
  • Entitle Chanelo, this intriguing piece exhibits Castañeda's exceptional draughtsmanship
  • Combining folk art with subtle twists, this work epitomizes Castañeda's style

Item Details

  • Width:
    22 1/4 Inches
  • Height:
    22 1/4 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
    Not Applicable
  • Subject:
  • Artist:
    Castañeda, Alfredo
Alfredo Castañeda
1938 - 2010 | Mexican


Acrylic & pencil/graphite on artist board
Signed "Castañeda 72" (lower right)

The concentric circles of art and mysticism are one in the work of Alfredo Castañeda, creator of one of the most authentic and original bodies of work in contemporary Mexican art. A major oeuvre, no doubt, and one that continues to grow. His works are doors to houses and temples whose walls are fields and oceans which are bodies, which are also words, which are also images. No one in Mexico has done quite this before. No one has walked where he takes us, astounded, filled with his mystery and his smile.- Alberto Ruy Sanchez, 1989

This remarkable drawing by Mexican artist Alfredo Castañeda is a marvelous example of the extraordinary Surrealist movement in Mexico. Entitled Chanelo, this acrylic and pencil/graphite on artist board "portrait" inspires a double-take in the viewer, as the subject is quite different from what he seems at first glance.

Alfredo Castañeda, like José Luis Cuevas, took up the mantle of the surrealist movement that came from Paris in the 1920s and was adopted by many Mexican artists, such as the iconic and enigmatic Frida Kahlo. Rejecting what has been called "artisanal textures" adopted by many of his countrymen under the influence of Rufino Tamayo, Castañeda referenced folk art, particularly pre-Columbian pottery, but adds mysticism and impossible twists and juxtapositions to his compositions, evidence of the influence artists such as of René Magritte. Combined with his impeccable technique for drawing, Castañeda's singular style has created a fantastical universe unlike that of any other artist. He has since become one of Mexico's most valued and beloved artists.

Born in Mexico City in 1938, Castañeda received a degree in architecture from the University of Mexico in 1964. In 1969, he had his first one-man show at the Galería de Arte Mexicano. In 1983, he had the first of several individual shows in the United States at Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, and showed frequently in Mexico and the U.S. until 1999. A retrospective of his work was held at the Monterrey Museum in Mexico in 1990 and a monograph celebrating twenty years of work was published in the same year. Castañeda lived in Madrid, where his family owns and runs a highly successful Mexican restaurant, until he passed away in 2010. His surrealist imagery intrigues viewers and his works are included in private collections in Mexico and Latin America, the United States, Europe and Japan.

Canvas: 14 7/8" high x 14 3/4" wide
Frame: 22 1/4" high x 22 1/4' wide

Solo Exhibitions:
Nuestro yo y mi nosotros (Our I and My We), Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, New York, 1999
En busca del corazón (In Search of the Heart), Galería GAM, Mexico City, 1997
ARCO '97, Galería GAM, Madrid, Spain, 1997
Dibujos Recientes (Recent Drawings), El Guardián de lo Pequeño, Madrid, Spain, 1996
Retrospective, 1969-1996, Instituto de Mexico, Madrid, Spain, 1996
ARCO '96, Galería GAM, Madrid, Spain, 1996
El propio abismo (His Own Abyss), Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, Art Miami 96, Miami, Florida, 1996
El secreto del secreto (The Secret of the Secret), Galería de Arte Mexicano, ARCO 95, Madrid, Spain, 1995
La busqueda (The Search), Galería Espacio, San Salvador, El Salvador, 1994
Los pasos comunicantes, Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, New York, 1993
Los pasos comunicantes (The Communicating Steps), Galería de Arte Mexicano and Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, ARCO 93, Madrid, Spain, 1993
En cierto sentido (In a Certain Sense), Galería de Arte Mexicano, Mexico, D.F., 1992
Que veinte años no son nada· (Twenty Years is Nothing·), Museo de Monterrey, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, 1990
From the Circular Eden (Remembrances), Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, New York, 1989
¡Si tú y yo lo supiéramo! (If You and I Only Knew It!), Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, New York, 1986
Introducción a la Guerra Santa (Introduction to the Holy War), Galería de Arte Mexicano, Mexico, D.F., 1984
Private Heavens, Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, New York, 1983
Ilustraciones, Galería de Arte Mexicano, Mexico, D.F., 1982
Acercamientos, Colegio de México, Mexico, D.F., 1980
Días de visita (Visiting Days), Promoción de las Artes A.C., Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, 1978
Del purgatorio: Recordatorios, visiones y testimonios (From Purgatory: Reminders, Visions and Testmonies), Galería de Arte Mexicano, Mexico, D.F., 1978
Del Común de los Santos (On the Commonness of Saints), Galería de Arte Mexicano, Mexico, D.F., 1976
De Esta y de la Otra Orilla (Of This Shore and That), Galería de Arte Mexicano, Mexico, D.F., 1975
Oraciones, retratos y adivinanzas (Prayers, Portraits and Puzzles), Centro Universitario Cultural, Mexico, D.F., 1973
Museum of Modern Art, Mexico, D.F., 1972
Lambert Gallery, Los Angeles, California, 1971
Galería de Arte Mexicano, Mexico, D.F., 1971
Galería de Arte Mexicano, Mexico, D.F., 1969

"Altered States, Alfredo Castañeda," Latin American Art, vol. 5, no. 3, Margaret Sayers Peden, pp. 24-27
"Alfredo Castañeda el Señor, una entrevista," Artes de Mexico, no. 38, 1997 suplemento, Gonzalo Suárez, pp. 82-85
"Alfredo Castañeda: la casa del misterio y de la sonrisa," Artes de Mexico, no. 38, 1997 suplemento, Alberto Ruy Sánchez, pp. 82-87
Alfredo Castañeda, Mexico, D.F. and New York, Galería de Arte Mexicano and Mary-Anne Martin/Fine Art, 1989, Alberto Ruy Sánchez and Edward J. Sullivan,

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