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Bejeweled Mughal Dagger

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Bejeweled Mughal Dagger

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Burma rubies, white jade, gold and Damascus comprise this beautiful Moghul dagger

Key Features

  • This elegant 17th-century Mughal dagger is crafted of Burma rubies, white jade, gold and Damascus
  • A large cabochon Burma ruby tops the pommel, perfectly contrasting the jade
  • This knife successfully elevates weapons craftsmanship to a brilliant art form
  • The handle displays all of the elaborate luxury and design of the Mughal period

Item Details

  • Length:
    11 1/4 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
This rare and extraordinary 17th-century Mughal knife, known as a kard, boasts an exquisite white jade handle covered with rare Burma rubies and engraved gold. The pommel features a large cabochon Burma ruby set in gold, and a fine Damascus blade makes the knife as functional as it is stunning. An elegant knife such as this is phenomenal in its intricate and delicate design. It would have likely been commissioned for a high-ranking official or nobleman in the Mughal Empire, and would have been worn as part of his formal attire. An early knife wrought from such luxurious materials is a highly desired object among collectors today.

The Mughal Empire was the dominant power in the Indian subcontinent between the mid-16th century and the early 18th century. Founded in 1526, the empire officially survived until 1858, when the last remnant of the empire was absorbed into the British Raj. The Mughal artistic tradition was eclectic, borrowing from the European Renaissance as well as from Persian and Indian sources. The Mughal painters, architects, and designers derived individual motifs and certain naturalistic effects from Renaissance and Mannerist design, but their basic structuring principle was derived from Indian and Persian traditions. Hailing from a culture known for resplendent artistry, this knife successfully elevates weapons craftsmanship to a brilliant art form.

Circa 1690

11 1/4" length
Blade: 7" length

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Price: $34,500
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