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Augustus III Clock by Jean-Pierre Latz

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Augustus III Clock by Jean-Pierre Latz

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Made for Augustus III by Jean-Pierre Latz, this clock is a historical work of decorative art

Key Features

  • This regulator clock by Jean-Pierre Latz was made for Augustus III, King of Saxony and Poland
  • Latz is considered among the greatest ébénistes of the 18th century
  • Polychrome Boulle marquetry of dyed horn, mother-of-pearl and brass cover the clock and its pedestal
  • Doré bronze mounts of the most exquisite quality adorn this amazing timepiece
  • The clock's provenance and quality make it an artwork of historic importance
  • Circa 1745; Clock movement marked "Langlois, Paris"

Item Details

  • Height:
    106 1/2 Inches
  • Period:
    18th Century
  • Origin:
Created for King Augustus III of Saxony and Poland by the great French ébéniste Jean-Pierre Latz, this incredible clock is arguably one of the greatest and most important French timepieces to ever come on the market. Latz's incredible creations can only be found in world's most prestigious museums and collections, including the J. Paul Getty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the British Royal Collection Trust and the Staaliche Kunstammlungen Museums of Dresden.  

According to articles and documentation authored by former Cleveland Museum Curator Henry H. Hawley, the renowned authority on Latz's work, this clock bears all of the hallmark traits of the famed ébéniste's workmanship, and was almost certainly made for the Royal Saxon house, that of Augustus III, King of Saxony and Poland. The tremendous quality of this timepiece and its slightly later base are identical to the Latz clock held in Schloss Moritzburg (Moritzburg Castle) near Dresden, the residence of the former King. This indicates that our Latz clock was made for the King and is almost certainly the pair to the Moritzburg timepiece. It is also known that Latz created a similar clock for Frederick the Great of Prussia, which is now part of the collection of Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin.

Augustus III was an important art collector, an interest he no doubt inherited from his father, Augustus the Strong, who was also a great patron of the arts. According to Hawley, the ébéniste counted numerous members of royalty throughout Europe as patrons, and his extensive research uncovered several references to a "Monsieur Leleu, agent du Roi de Pologne (Mr. Leleu, agent of the King of Poland)" in Latz's documents. Leleu was Augustus III's agent in Paris. 

Jean-Pierre Latz is counted among the eminent ébénistes of the 18th century. He was born in Cologne c.1691. It is believed that his first wife's dowry and family relations helped to secure his career path. By 1741, Latz obtained the warrant of "ébéniste privilégié du Roi" which allowed him to work in his profession freely without becoming a master. From this time, until his death in 1754, clock cases and pedestals constituted the primary activity of the workshop. 

The clock and its matching pedestal are masterfully crafted of ebony and enveloped in elaborate polychrome Boulle marquetry of mother-of-pearl and dyed horn inlaid into golden brass of the absolute highest order. Stunning, original mercury-gilded bronze mounts of exceptional quality adorn the pedestal and the clock. The design of both the bronze and marquetry highlights the theme of hunting. The goddess Diana, with bow and arrow drawn, tops this majestic timepiece, while stags support the clock atop the pedestal, and images of boar heads flank either side. 

Owned by one of the most important patrons of the arts in the world, and hand-crafted by one of the paramount ébénistes of the 18th century, this clock is a profound work of art of incredible historical importance.

Clock movement marked "Langlois, Paris"

Circa 1745  

106 1/2" high  

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