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Blue John Triple Candelabra

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Blue John Triple Candelabra

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A fine pair of 19th-century Blue John candelabra

Key Features

  • A fantastic pair of Blue John and ormolu candelabra
  • Known also as Derbyshire Spar, Blue John boasts unique blue-purple and white-yellow banding
  • Objects created from Blue John are highly sought-after by collectors of fine objets d'art

Item Details

  • Height:
    10 1/2 Inches
  • Period:
  • Origin:
In these dazzling candelabra, the remarkable and rare "Blue John," or Derbyshire Spar stone, is beautifully complemented by ormulu mounts. A central body hewn from the distictive stone and a carved amethyst pedestal are elegantly adorned with autumnal ornaments such as ram's head terminals, cloven hoof supports and an abundant cornucopia finial. Excellent condition.

10 1/2" high

Circa 1860

A blue-purple and white-yellow banded variety of fluorite mined exclusively from the Blue John Cavern in Derbyshire, England, Blue John has been prized by craftsmen since 1750 for creating unique decorative pieces. The earliest dated decorative application of Blue John is its use in marble fireplace panels designed by Robert Adam and installed in Kedleston Hall near Derby in 1762. There are about 14 categories of banding patterns, and this incredibly diverse stoneware can be found in many great collections housed in places such as Windsor Castle, the White House and the Vatican.

The name "Blue John" is popularly said to come from the French term bleu-jaune, which means "blue-yellow" in reference to the stone's distinctive banding. While some Blue John was indeed sent to France for gilding by the French ormolu workers of the Louis XVI period, they were emulating the pioneering ormolu ornaments of silversmith Matthew Boulton of Birmingham, who around 1765 called the stone "Blew John." It became such a popular base for the ornaments that Boulton tried to lease the whole output of the Castleton mines.

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Price: $49,500
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