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 Spinel and Diamond Ring

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 Spinel and Diamond Ring

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  • Stone:
    Colored Gemstones
A captivating spinel takes center stage in this wonderful ring. Exhibiting a stunning orange-pink hue, this 5.46-carat jewel is flawlessly set in platinum and 18K yellow gold, and perfectly complemented by .68 carats of brilliant diamonds.

Spinels have figured largely in the annals of history, though they have often been mistaken for rubies. Among the more famous examples of this are the 170-carat Black Prince's ruby, which was worn by Henry V in battle and sits in the Imperial State Crown of England, and the treasure of the Mughals, Queen Elizabeth's 361-carat Timur ruby. Today, spinels are highly desirable for their own sake, as they display exceptional brilliance and are naturally found in a variety of colors. Mined primarily in Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Tadzhikistan, this gem is becoming rarer and rarer, making exquisite examples such as this cushion-cut stone highly desirable.

Size 6 

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Price: $22,850
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