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Terracotta Bust of Edouard Colbert Marquis De Villacerf 

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Terracotta Bust of Edouard Colbert Marquis De Villacerf 

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Edouard Colbert, Marquis de Villacerf is the subject of this large terra cotta portrait bust

Key Features

  • This monumental French terracotta portrait bust is in the majestic likeness of Edouard Colbert
  • This unglazed sculpture presents the Marquis de Villacerf in larger-than-life detail
  • The Marquis served several key roles in Louis XIV's government and household
  • This work was done after the original crafted by Martin van der Bogaert (Desjardins)

Item Details

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This larger-than-life bust depicts French government official Edouard Colbert, Marquis de Villacerf (1629-1699) in stunning terracotta. Depicting Villacerf at the age of 63, this bust is created after an example by Martin van der Bogaert, also known as Desjardins (1640-1694). Villacerf was a high-ranking official in King Louis XIV's government, serving such posts as Chief Clerk of the War, Inspector General and later Superintendent of the Kings Buildings, and he even served the Queen and King in their household.  Set upon a mahogany base, this bust most certainly commands attention.

Desjardins sculpted the original bust of Edouard Colbert, Marquis de Villacerf, towards the end of his career at the age of 63. One of the three existing versions is housed in the Louvre and has been dated circa 1693, but none of the three existing versions (including the one in the Louvre) is by his own hand. The artist was admitted to the Royal Academy in 1671, and the whereabouts of the original he offered to the Academy on April 4, 1693 are unknown. Desjardin's major commissions, the Louis XIV equestrian monuments (Place des Victoires, Paris, Lyon and Aix), as well as the majority of his oeuvre were destroyed during the French Revolution.  

Features factory stamp

Circa 1780

31 1/4" wide x 41" high
Base: 16 7/8" wide x 18" deep x 43 1/2" high

Edouard Colbert, Marquis de Villacerf (1628-1699) held a number of highly important positions in the service of Louis XIV. He was born into one of France's most noble families, which had provided several ministers to the king. His father, Jean-Baptiste Colbert of Saint-Pouange of Villacerf , was Conseiller d'État and first Maître d'Hôtel of the queen, Maria Theresa of Austria; his uncle was Michel Le Tellier (1603-1685), Secretary of State for War, and his cousin was de Louvois (1639-1691), Secretary of State for War and then chancellor to King Louis XIV. A state councilor himself , Edouard was superintendent of the King's Buildings,  Master of hotel of the Queen Maria Theresa in 1666, superintendent of the King's buildings in 1691, and Maitre d'Hotel of the Duchess of Burgundy in 1698. He was awarded the chateau of Villacerf in Aube in 1667.

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Price: $48,500
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