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The Fire Within

April 26th, 2012 | posted by James Gillis

Nonius, a Roman Senator, preferred exile to parting with the Ethiopian Opal that Marc Antony demanded from him. Furthermore, the famous 1st century author Pliny wrote that Opals combine the best possible characteristics of the most beautiful of gemstones.

One look at this magnificent opal bead necklace and you instantly understand why these stones have been revered for thousands of years. The necklace juxtaposes the cool glimmer of over 4 carats of diamonds with the warmth of 33 gleaming Ethiopian opals. Each bead contains a lightning storm of fiery hues within, sure to make the wearer glow.  While the stones are, as they have been for millennia, beautiful in their own right, cut into the round bead form, they really exude radiance.

In their natural state, opals tend to exist in thin, flat layers making them rare to find of a size that allows them to be cut into large beads.  The layout of graduated beads (often pearls) in this necklace is classic, but to display opals in this way brings an unexpected twist to the elegant design. The quality, size, and shape of these opals make them highly sought after and they are without a doubt some of the finest to be offered on the market today.

To say that this necklace has an ethereal quality would be an understatement; every bead mesmerizes, seemingly containing its own cosmos. We all deserve the right to own something this beautiful, so, now is your chance!

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Purple Sapphires, a Rare and Regal Delight!

March 20th, 2012 | posted by James Gillis

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Sapphires can be called the gemstones of the sky . . .they lie well hidden in just a few places and have to be brought to light through extremely hard work. Sapphires are found in India, Burma, Ceylon, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya. From the gemstone mines, these raw crystals are first taken to the cutting-centers where they are turned into sparkling gemstones by skilled hands. When cutting a sapphire, the cutter has to muster all his skill, for these gemstones are not only hard; depending on the angle from which you look at them, they also have different intensities and shades of color. So it is the job of the cutter to orientate the raw crystals in such a way that the color is brought out to its best advantage. Just as they have done with our Purple Sapphire.

Purple sapphires are, in fact, quite extraordinary and far rarer than more traditional blue sapphires. Unlike most blue and pink sapphires which need to be heat treated in order to obtain their best color display, purple sapphires very rarely require any heat treatment. Furthermore they tend to change color in different lighting!

This purple sapphire not only radiates beauty, magnificent color, and transparency, but also constancy and durability associated with these stunning gemstones. The sapphire belongs to the corundum group, the members of which are characterized by their excellent hardness (9 on the Mohs scale). Indeed their hardness is exceeded only by that of the diamond, the diamond being the hardest mineral on Earth! Thanks to their durability, sapphires are exremely easy to look after, requiring no more than an occasional cleaning on behalf of the wearer.

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Tiffany for Everyone!

December 26th, 2011 | posted by Susan Lapene

There are but a few names synonymous with exceptional quality; Tiffany & Company being one of them. Since opening its doors in 1837, Tiffany and Co. has been a uniquely American brand representing glamour, sophistication and creative design. The company has successfully held its designs to the standard of the finest art – and to own a piece of antique Tiffany jewelry is akin to owning the best work by the greatest painter.  The four pieces I have the privilege of offering to you this holiday season are classic Tiffany.  They make a statement; they are playful; they are utterly chic.

The first piece, a stunning 18K gold bangle bracelet by Tiffany designer Jean Schlumberger, is a study in pure design. Teal green enamel is the back drop for a series of applied gold bands and cross hatches.

The second piece is also by Jean Schlumberger and is of the same nature but features royal blue enamel with 1.50 carats of diamonds around it. There are 19 larger diamonds and 38 smaller ones making it utterly eye-catching from every angle.

Jean Schlumberger is one of the most respected jewelry designers in history. Born in France, he created costume jewelry for Elsa Schiaparelli before moving to New York after World War II. Hired by Tiffany in the 1950s, Schlumberger’s work quickly became the talk of the town, attracting collectors such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and the Duchess of Windsor.

The other two pieces I am presenting to you are bold brooches that will instantly transform any outfit – from a gorgeous gown to a wool blazer – you will be noticed. The stunning reclining cat pin features emerald eyes and numerous diamonds covering the platinum base. It’s truly a charming piece that any cat-lover would be enthralled by. The emerald eyes are the perfect complement to the shining diamonds.

The second piece, the catfish brooch with sapphires, emeralds, and enamel is one of the most unique pieces of jeweled ornament I have ever seen. It’s excellently crafted and pictures truly do not do its charm justice.

Any one of these pieces would make a lovely addition to your collection. Please let me know which of these entice you most!

Table for Six! Or Twelve…

March 2nd, 2010 | posted by James Gillis

Table for six... Table for Twelve!

In 1762, the English Naval Armada captured Havana, holding Cuba for almost a year. It was ceded to Spain in exchange for Florida territory in the Treaty of Paris (1763). The English harvested a tremendous amount of mahogany from the island and from that point forward English furniture manufactured with mahogany was referred too as Cuban Mahogany – regardless if the woods harvest origin was another distant global locale.

The Jupes expansion table is one such item that fits into the Cuban Mahogany genre.  The table is an engineering marvel with its patented expansion mechanism – still working magnificently since its installation in 1830.  Closed, it seats 6 and opened, with its leaves inserted, it sits a group of 12 people.  One of the marvels of this circular table is that no one is left out of the conversation – it’s an all inclusive dinner party with this table.

This piece is remarkable. I never get tired of talking about it. It’s both an engineering and artistic masterpiece. If you come to the store, this is something you need to see. Ask for James, I’d be happy to show you how it works.

Black, the new white!

May 27th, 2009 | posted by Susan Lapene

My latest favorite piece of jewelry, which is subject to change at any moment, is our recently acquired 121.05 carat Black Diamond Necklace.   Yes, the diamonds are black, and yes, they look like diamonds.  This black diamond necklace really pops when it is against your skin and dresses up that little black dress or even jeans.  Plus, it has this great mac daddy white gold and diamond clasp that can be worn off to one side if you like.

Black Diamond Necklace

Black Diamond Necklace

Black diamonds are really cool because no one knows what they really are!   They are very rare and were only discovered in 1840 in Brazil.  They are made up of several crystals instead of just one like white diamonds.  That’s what gives it its black opaque color.  Also, they are not formed in the earth’s crust.  In fact, some scientists believe that black diamonds may have come from outer space!  Now, how cool is that?

Any woman who is adventurous, likes unusual things that no one else has and enjoys dishing out a little shock factor, would love this necklace.

All my best,


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